Thursday, May 31, 2007

Cavs Win Game 5 . . . Wow

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I have no idea what to write about this game, but I just need to acknowledge its existence. LeBron James just scored every point in two overtimes for his team. He did it every way imaginable, from the dunk to the double covered 22 footer at the end of the shot clock. His time is now.

the man

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Stop Feeding the Beast

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Last night I was flying back to San Diego from Boston on The Sports Frappe's preferred airline, jetBlue. You know, they are the geniuses who decided to put Direct TV into every seat back. After flying jetBlue, I can't believe I ever settled for anything less. So, like a good American, I spent the next 5-plus hours soaking in the tube and everything it had to offer.

Unfortunately, jetBlue's TV package doesn't carry TNT, or whoever was broadcasting the Cavs-Pistons last night. This wasn't all that bad though because as a result I was able to enjoy the incredible game between the Mets and the Giants. In case you missed it, the game went into the 12th inning tied at 3 a piece. After the Giants went up by a run in the top of the inning, Armando Benitez had a complete meltdown leading to the Mets victory. After Jose Reyes reached 1st in the bottom of the 12th, a Benitez balk sent Reyes to second. After reaching third on a sacrifice, Benitez balked again sending home the tying run. Visibly disturbed, he then proceeded to throw a meatball to Carlos Delgado who crushed it for a walk off homer. What-a-game!

Now, when you watch such an incredibly long game and have nowhere to go since you are stuck next to the window and the two people next to you show no signs of getting up to go to the bathroom, you end up watching more TV. In most cases, I probably would have opted for some other activity since 4 hours of baseball is quite a heavy load to bear. With no option available, I followed ESPN as they broke into Sports Center and I began to notice something rather disturbing.

In a night in which there were 15 baseball games played including some amazing performances by Gary Sheffield (2 HRs, 5 RBIs) and Aaron Hill (stealing home to tie the game), the top baseball news that ESPN had to offer was about a Triple-A pitcher for an organization who's MLB ball club is in last place. Of course, I'm talking about Roger Clemens and the New York Yankees. But don't be fooled, I'm really talking about ESPN here.

Look, Clemens pitched Monday and the news was all but out that he wouldn't start against the Red Sox. Instead of letting yesterday's news be yesterday's news, ESPN fed me two segments regarding the Rocket and the decline of the Yankees before they broke into any other baseball related news outside of the Mets game which had just ended on their channel. My question is: Why is the media (ESPN) so obsessed with a team that is in last place?

Of course, you and I can both probably answer that question fairly easily, but someone has to start asking the obvious. It's really annoying that we have to continually hear about how bad the Yankees are. Last night's Sports Center showed me statistics about how the Yankees have taken a nose-dive since Clemens announced his messianic return, gave me analysis on what will happen to Brian Cashman and Joe Torre if this ship doesn't turn around, and more Triple-A stats from Clemens' Monday start. Eventually, someone has to say enough is enough. I never thought I'd be saying this, but right now I'd rather hear about Bonds and his struggles at the plate coupled with over-analysis of his most recent comments that might indicate he is not going to give his memorabilia to Cooperstown (which was what CNN was deciding to focus on instead of real news).

The point is, we need to stop feeding the beast known as the New York Yankees. Instead of talking about a last place team in the AL East, maybe we should be talking about how "wicked-awesome" the Red Sox are. Or better yet, how strong the NL West is. Is anyone else shocked that the Diamondbacks are half a game back from the Dodgers? Chances are your average fan doesn't even know because ESPN isn't covering it.

Open your eyes, ESPN. There is more out there than just the Yanks, and we should be thankful for that.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shaq Hearts Kobe

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Ok, maybe not.

But I have to tell you that the Lakers drama is the best Bonds diversion there is going.

Read this and this to catch up. We'll wait..............................

Here is the story that Sportscenter relayed this evening. It started with them playing audio of an interview on ESPN 710 AM featuring Kobe clearing up (sorta) his alleged "bring back Jerry West or trade me" episode. He says he never made the request. He wants to be in the long line of Lakers greats. You decide.

Additionally, there's a report that had Kobe relaying to Stephen A. Smith of the Philadelphia Inquirer where Kobe said he was "upset at an unnamed Lakers insider who told the L.A. Times that Bryant asked the team to trade Shaquille O'Neal in 2004".

Bryant stated it was Lakers owner Jerry Buss that wanted O'Neal traded. The Philadelphia Inquirer has an article coming out tomorrow (Wednesday) where Kobe quotes Buss as saying:

"I am not going to re-sign Shaq. I am not about to pay him $30 million a year or $80 million over three years. No way in hell.

He's getting older and his body is breaking down and I don't want to pay that money when I can get value for him right now rather than wait. This is my decision. It's independent of you. My mind is made up. It doesn't matter to me what you do in free agency because I do not want to pay Shaq".

This led the Shaq Daddy to respond by saying "I believe Kobe 100%. Absolutely. There is no doubt in my mind that Kobe is telling the truth. I believe him 100%. I would have respected Dr. Buss more as a man if he would have told me that himself because I know he said it but he didn't. Buss never said a damn word to me".


What bizzaro sports earth are we on right now?

Here's what you need to catch on this:

1) Shaq and Kobe agreeing? Sports Armageddon.

2) Kobe is mad at an "unnamed Lakers insider"? Shouldn't that be "unnamed Lakers owner"?

3) Kobe definitely wants to be traded. He dropped the proverbial sports version of a poison pill trying to dis the owner/management into a force play whereby they respond to their ego and pride and give the malcontent player(s) his/her/their way. Some call it the Larry Brown effect.

4) Don't buy the part about Buss not caring what Kobe did in free agency. That is an emotional add-in by Bryant, kind of like that wheatgrass shot you have added into your smoothie to feel like you're doing something good for yourself. Kinda taints the whole thing with a twinge of bitterness.

4) As the Stones say, the Lakers are "Shattered".

5) Here is where I prove to you once again that I am the man. You will not read this anywhere else unless they blatantly pull it from the Frappe: Magic Johnson is the biggest limp dictator ever to be a "part owner" in title only. Does he ever engage in any basketball ops matters? Does he care? Would anyone listen to or respect what he says?

This is why you come here Frappers.

The Sports Frappe is your online firmament.

Look it up. Then repeat it to a friend in a knowing way. Like Magic would.

Update Wednesday 12:40 AM PST: SPORTSbyBROOKS has gone even deeper with this report and also this one.

A Tip On Butterflies

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I've noticed in the past two weeks that there seems to be an inordinate amount of outfielder gaffes that result in missed catches.

I don't have any powerpoint presentations of proof or rubber chicken graphs showing this trend, but you know you can trust me.

If you don't believe me, all you have to do is catch some Sportscenter.

I think a good rule of thumb is if Ichiro blows a fly ball......................

Thank You LeBron

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As I write this, LeBron James is finishing off the Detroit Pistons in game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals, evening the series at 2-2. (Editor's note: James scored 25 points, with 13 of them in the 4th quarter, including the last two free throws to ice the 4 point game with 4 seconds left.)

I'm still not close to putting money on Cleveland to win this series, as Detroit has two home games left. But nonetheless, I appreciate the fact that James is the one man standing between another Spurs vs. Pistons NBA finals. Another, you ask? Yes, according to Wikipedia, these two teams met for the championship just two years ago, but does anyone remember a single moment from that series?

Rivalries are great for the NBA, as has been showcased in the past by multiple Lakers / Celtics meetings in the finals. But I'm not so sure a Spurs / Pistons repeat meeting has what it takes.

Some might say that I'm not a "true fan of the NBA," (and some might be right), but the future of the league is going to be found in games between players like LeBron, Wade, Kobe, and Arenas, (we will quickly add Oden and Durant to this list, most likely).

So here's to LeBron giving us a hope for what none of these other players could do for us this season, giving us a glimpse of the future now.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Kobe Demands Trade?

posted by IntrinsicBent

Here is a report from Jim Hill on Sports Central Sunday Night on the Los Angeles CBS affiliate which broadcast Sunday, May 27th:

"Hello again my friends, I'm Jim Hill welcome to yet another edition of Sports Central Sunday Night.

We begin in pro basketball with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. There are reports circulating that Kobe has demanded a trade if Jerry West does not return to the front office.

Earlier this evening I talked on the phone with Kobe and he told me more than anything he wants to finish his basketball career with the Lakers. He does not, he says he does not want to be traded, but Kobe did say he wants Jerry West to return because he trusts him completely, and they both have something in common... they both want to win and want to win right now. He also says just having Jerry West back in the organization will help everyone immensely.

Now West is still under contract with the Memphis Grizzlies until July the 1st and cannot talk to the Lakers until that time. But he was quoted today as saying "I haven't thought about returning much until Kobe brought it up today. I am intensely loyal to the Memphis Grizzlies and as I am to Mitch Kupchak. Having said that, I am a life long Laker, we'll just see what happens."

A lot of people saying if you can bring back Phil Jackson, you can bring back Jerry West, right?"

Translation: Kobe did make that leveraged demand, and Jerry is ready to return.

More drama has unfolded since I last reported on the Purple and Gold.

I told you how the political camps laid out:

1) Dr. Jerry Buss somewhere hovering over the mess in between poker and young girls. Jimmy Buss, Jerry's son and heir apparent is also in this group since the transition of power is attempting going down.

2) Phil and his girlfriend Jeannie Buss who is also Jerry's daugther and Jim's sister. She is a VP of marketing with the club. Phil of course is the coach with rings for nine of his fingers.

3) Kobe, the club's aging superstar that has given rebuilding a two year shot and seems intent in forcing the club to make something happen sooner rather than soon.

4) Mitch Kupchak who gets labelled as being a high classed paid lap dog/gofer. He is already the odd man out and you have my Frapuarantee that Kupchak's head rolls this summer. Even if it is to another "important" position which allows Kupchak to save face ala Rudy Tomjanovich.

Around May 10th, Steven A. Smith broke the story awhile back that Kobe was bent at Lakers' management in part for not landing Baron Davis or Ron Artest when they were available, Carlos Boozer when he was crossed up with Jazz ownership, and for not being consulted when one of his best friends on the team, Caron Butler, was traded away for Kwame Brown in a deal with the Washington Wizards. Steven A's famous prediction of "do not be surprised at all if this stuff continues if Kobe Bryant sometime around next year is asking to be traded" lends cred to his story.

On May 17th Jeannie Buss hacked on her brother Jim while guest hosting a local sports radio show in response to Jim criticizing Phil (remember that they're in the same camp) when he said earlier on the same radio station "When we look back, maybe the coaches didn't do such a good job of handling a young team".

But it wasn't over. On May 22nd Laker assistant coach Kurt Rambis weighed in, again on the same radio station (lakers' flagship station KLAC AM) and popped Jim Buss in the jaw by stating in part that "Jim Buss liked to puff up his chest and act like he was in charge". He also said that they worked everyday with the young players, but that Jim Buss had never been to practices. Rambis has interviewed for the vacant Sacramento King job.

So now we have the scenario where the very same Kobe that has and does get tagged with "selfish" and "immature" seems to be the one making the most sense. Let's get the ship righted and win championships. No wonder he wants to reach back to the last time there was any semblance of stability and reinstate West. And you know the next time West rides off into the sunset, he wants to do it on a purple and gold steed. Ok, that last line was weak, but you get my drift.

Drama is not reserved only for the studios in the greater Los Angeles basin. There are (power) plays and other productions all the time in SoCal.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


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The Sports Frappe has recently entered into a blog competition on NBX, a fantasy sports betting site that is backed by 1989 World Series MVP Dave Stewart. Basically, it's as close as you can get to gambling on sports without having to answer to some guy named "Shark" who is continually seen clutching a baseball bat. Since yours truly is a powerhouse when it comes to sports betting, the Frappe of course assigned me to the task of putting the Frappe on top of the competition. So far, we've placed 1st every week since we've started (2 in a row).

This week, I road the Angels as they continued to live up to their Yankee-killer status by sweeping the Yankees at Yankee stadium. It's unbelievable how good the Angels are against the Yankees. In case you didn't know, the Angels are the only team to have a winning record against the Yankees in the Joe Torre era. I made sure to take advantage of this, racking up close to 21,000 points by laying down plenty of action on the Angels.

As for the Angels in general, you really have to give this team some credit and consider them one of the top teams in the majors right now. After an awful road trip in April in which they went 1-7, they've managed to turn things around and show their ability to win on the road. They are now on pace to win 97 games and smoke the AL West as they take first place. It's no coincidence that they are backed by players like John Lackey who now leads the majors in wins (8) and Vladimir Guerrero who is second in the majors in OPS (1.069). While it does appear the Angels lack some power to protect Vlad and keep the offense moving for all 10 days a year that Vlad slumps, I think they will continue to show their ability to produce and adjust thanks to the brains of Mike Scioscia. As you can imagine, I'm feeling pretty good about my 2007 predictions at this moment.

Look out this week as the Angels face off against Seattle as they try to continue to separate themselves from the rest of the AL West.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

MMA Vs. Boxing Debate Rages On

posted by IntrinsicBent

Earlier this week I filled you in on a raging debate between mixed martial arts and boxing fans and participants on which sport is better, more exciting, skillful, on and on.

Here is a great debate on the subject that occurred on Sportscenter this week. Those of you not familiar with the UFC may wonder why Joe Rogan of Fear Factor and News Radio fame is taking the side of MMA.

Rogan is an announcer on UFC pay per view events, has his own UFC show on Spike, and actually trains in some martial arts disciplines. He knows his stuff as you will see as he dismantles his pro-boxing opponent.

Special thanks to and it's readers for this link.

Sports Hero Of The Week

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Knowledge Droppings back again with a brand new feature just in time for the Memorial Day Weekend. All of you that protest about the choice of wording on our other award now have no reason to hate.

How nice.

Our first inaugural winner is John Smoltz. This week Smoltz accomplished something no other pitcher has accomplished...ever. This week he notched his 200th win, which when coupled with his 150 saves, puts him in a category where he sits alone. No other pitcher can boast of 200 wins and 150+ (154) saves.

This throwback to a more "do it with hard work" era is refreshing to say the least. In this source article, Smoltz talks about being over 40, hard work, the importance of having been teammates with Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine, how his competitive relationship with Glavine helped him get his big victory (he pitched againts Glavine and the Mets to get this 200th win), and how much the Atlanta Braves' fans have meant to his career accomplishments.

This post game video interview of Smoltz has him echoing these sentiments as well as excusing himself from the interview long enough to give his teammates the time to congratulate him on his achievement.

Smoltz became addled with injuries toward the end of the '90's and had Tommy John surgery during spring training of 2000. He struggled in 2001 in the starting role and went to the bullpen where he transitioned into one of baseball's most dominant closers.

Smoltz's heart was that of a starter and returned to that role in 2005 at the tender age of 38.

The rest as they say, is truly history.

Congratulations Smoltz on being the Frappe's first recipient of Sports Hero Of The Week. It's similar to being a real man of genius, only better.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Sports Douche Of The Week

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Hey Frappers, KnowledgeDroppings here with our weekly version of a mini blogosphere award show. This week is so packed with contenders that I've decided to do a countdown of sorts. Buckle yourself in, and hold on tight.

#7 - The Anaheim Angels And Fox Sports News' Local Afilliate Bench Broadcast Team Of Rex Hudler And Steve Physioc

#6 - Father Of Cardinals Player Sues

#5 - Death Row Inmate's Final Words? "Go Raiders"

#4 - 33 Years Later, George Foreman Claims He Lost Because He Was Drugged In Zaire

#3 - Gazillionaire LeBron James Won't Sign Letter Condemning Genocide In Darfur

#2 - Jason "Baseball Owes Apology" Giambi Tested Positive For Amphetamines

The #1 sports degenerate of the week is Tampa Bay Devil Ray player Elijah Dukes. How did he rise to the top (bottom) of the other candidates?

He left a threatening voicemail for his wife that included these statements that have been sanitized (changes in parentheses) for your blogging pleasure:

"Hey dawg. It's on dawg. You dead dawg. I ain't even (kidding). Your kids too dawg. It don't even matter to me who is in the car with you. All I know is when I see your (butt) riding dawg, it's on. As a matter of fact, I'm coming to your house." Source


This award has never been more fitting.

Have a great holiday weekend Frappers.

Old School Sports Gamers Rejoice

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The fact that they are sports gamers mean that they probably aren't huddled around G4's marathon coverage of "Star Wars At 30". That doesn't mean thay aren't saving it on their DVR though.

Anyone that played sports video games in the '90's before the internet in every home era has a very soft spot in their heart for the football game Tecmo Bowl, or Super Tecmo Bowl as it was later upgraded to.

So this report will surely draw their interest for old time memories' sake.

Even though it basically says nothing. Seriously, check it out.

I hope their game is alot more fun than their pub about it is.

Eat a hot dog for me this weekend.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rome Goes The Way Of MMA

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National radio and TV sports talk host Jim Rome brought the Boxing Vs. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) argument into the mainstream over the past two days.

It began yesterday when Bernard Hopkins was on Rome's radio show and was asked about his recent inflammatory remarks regarding MMA. Hopkins stated "You can can go to the nearest bar in L.A. and the Hood and find a Ultimate Fighter. I mean, I'm not saying they don't train, they don't get up and they don't run, but there's no skills actually the way boxing is."

He continued, "The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) started when I was 7, 8, 9 years old in the heart of North Philadelphia. And again, it may seem like I'm hating, maybe I am maybe I'm not. There's no skills in ultimate fighting. It's just fighting."

How can it start when you're 7, 8, and 9? Maybe it's just me..........

If you're a little lost on MMA and the UFC, go read this primer.

Rome discussed this yesterday and it spilled into today's show as well. All this occurred before Rome interviewed current UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell later on his ESPN television show, Jim Rome Is Burning.

ESPN News also happens to be carrying the weighins for the next pay per view battle which takes place on Saturday. The headline for this card features a title match between Liddell and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Jackson represents the only unavenged loss that Liddell has on his record. More about that later.

Rome today lauded the UFC's rise and the fact that the UFC had done a good job in organizing and regulating the sport into a strong competitor for the sport of boxing on the whole.

This is huge, as Rome is a big boxing enthusiast and follower. To this point, these boxing guys have held onto the virtues of boxing as being the superior sport.

Rome featured the Boxing v. MMA issue in the opening segment of his TV show, as well as throwing it around in his roundtable discussion during the show.

The transcript of his interview with Liddell follows:

Rome: Chuck, Nice to have you on the program, how are you?

Liddell: I'm great how are you doing?

Rome: Doing great Chuck, take me back to the very beginning. You've always maintained that you have never once started a fight, but that you've made it pretty hard for the other guy to get out of one. Talk about that first of all.

Liddell: Uh, yeah, growing up I you know, as a kid you know it's one of those things that you know I wouldn't start a fight, I would never fight anybody that didn't want to fight me, but you know if you made a point to go after one of my friends, whatever, you know, I'll step in and make you look pretty stupid walking away.

Rome: Hey Chuck, initially who taught you how to fight?

Liddell: My Grandfather, uh he started teaching me how to fight, throw straight punches when I was a kid. Uh, teach me how to defend myself, and I went on to martial arts when I was 12 and wrestling when I was 14. So I have been doing alot of different things for a long time.

Rome: You know, when you look back on your athletic career, you wrestled, you played football, and now you're in the mma. You look at those three things, where do you get the most banged up?

Liddell: Actually, I got the most banged up in wrestling, college wrestling. I think I was hurt more in five years college wrestling than I have been since fighting in kickboxing and doing mma.

Rome: Hey, how did you end up where you are right now, instead of boxing for instance?

Liddell: Uh, you know honestly I was kickboxing and uh, you know someone asked me if I, they knew I had wrestled, asked me if I wanted to do a mixed fight and I just ended up falling into it. I really liked it. Putting the, you know, the kickboxing and the wrestling together you know, just made more sense for me.

Rome: Did you know the first time you did that Chuck, that this is what you wanted to do, I could be good at this, I like it, this is for me?

Liddell: Yeah it was one of those things I thought this is a great sport for me. It combines a lot of things I like to do all into one. Martial arts, kickboxing, and wrestling, it just puts it all together.

Rome: Chuck, why do you think that the martial arts, mma, are coming so quickly, and boxing is dying on a vine now?

Liddell: Well, you know, I think it takes the elements of boxing and it adds alot more elements to it for people and makes it more exciting, I mean, I think people like to watch us fight the way we do.

Rome: There are more elements, and certainly more violent, are you in any way conflicted about the sort of damage that you can, and do do to other guys?

Liddell: Uh, not really. I mean uh, obviously I'm trying to win a fight when I'm out there and I'm hoping the guy is ok when it's over, but you know they know what they're getting into when they get into the ring with me.

Rome: Hey Chuck, what do you make of some of that criticism like when Mayweather said before his fight with De La Hoya, Liddell would get punished if he got into the ring. You might have heard that soundbite I had in that other open where Bernard Hopkins said "Look, there's no skill involved". What do you make of all that?

Liddell: Well, you know, that's them grasping at straws for us, you know, that they're losing to us, and then they seem to feel, uh what do you call it, uh intimidated by the things that we've been doing. I mean c'mon, Mayweather, in the UFC ring? I've got a 135 pounder at my house that would kick his ass. It's not too, I mean boxing, obviously, we wouldn't do well in boxing against Mayweather, one of the best boxers in the world.

Rome: You see, that's my take, basically it depends on what rules there are right? Because your fight doesn't start until you go to the ground and boxing when a guy goes to the ground, the other guy goes to the neutral corner. For instance, he probably doesn't want to get in the octagon, but if one of your guys gets into the ring, what's going to happen, with them?

Liddell: Well, whose rules they are, boxers always said kickboxers weren't as good as boxers because when they came into boxing, that they weren't doing well. Well, when boxers go to kickboxing, they don't do too well either. (Ray) Mercer went over, (Frans) Botha went over to K1 and both of those guys didn't do so good.

Rome: Now you've had three losses, you've avenged two of them, but Jackson is the one thing that you haven't made right just yet. How badly do you want this fight?

Liddell: I've been after this fight since 2003, so I've been wanting to fight for a long time, I'm excited, you know three months of training is over for this fight, and I'm ready to go.

Rome: Hey Chuck, is winning that fight good enough, or do you need to knock him out to make it right?

Liddell: Uh, I'm gonna need to knock him out. I'm going after him. That's the way I like to end fights anyway, I don't like taking it to the judges so.....

Rome: What about Tito Ortiz, now here's a guy you used to train with. You don't say too many negative things about too many guys. I get the sense Chuck, that if you're willing to get in the ring, or the octagon, there's a fundamental respect. But you've said, I don't mind beating on this guy. How did he get on the wrong side of you?

Liddell: I just don't like the guy. The guy's talked, you know, he's....done interviews that's personal stuff, he's said bad things about me, I's like, promoting the fight's one thing but if you go onto other things, that's not ok with me, you know, he's just not a good person. I don't like him. I mean, there's not too many guys I don't like in this sport. But he's one of them.

Rome: You go back to what I just said before that, there seems to be a fundamental respect. Is that because, if you're willing to get into that octagon, that says something about the combatants. Am I right when I say there's a fundamental respect among the fighters?

Liddell: There's definitely a fundamental respect between us, I mean, if you're willing to get in there and do what we do, I mean, I have respect for you.

Rome: Hey Chuck, you know Dana White (UFC President) said "Chuck may look like an ax murderer, but outside the ring, he's the nicest guy in the world. I'll do you one better, you went to Cal Poly SLO (San Luis Obispo) and you majored in accounting. What, counting beans is not quite the adrenaline rush that putting guys to sleep is?

Liddell: Uh, not really (smiles), but I was good at it so, it was something if I was going to school, you know. But by the end, by the time I was done, I knew I wanted to fight, fight for a living but I figured I'd finish that and have something to fall back on in case it didn't work out.

Rome: Yeah, that's always going to be there for you Chuck. You know, at thirty seven you're on top of your game, but when you're done fighting, are you done fighting or maybe when they stop paying you, are you going to still make it hard for guys to walk away from a fight?

Liddell: Aw, I've been done fighting out in the streets since I was 21, 22. I've been walking away from stuff for a long time. There's no upside to it you know, fighting in the streets. I walk away.

Rome: Hey Chuck, does that still go on? You know there's always a guy whose had a few pops who wants to measure himself against the biggest baddest guy around. Does that still go on?

Liddell: Not really. I haven't had that problem. I mean I'm pretty laid back. You'd have to come up and be pretty rude for me to engage in anything about fighting. I'm real laid back people don't really bother me. Plus, I'm known you know, for knocking people out so I don't think that''s not really a problem.

Rome: You'd have to be pretty rude and pretty stupid. Hey Chuck, how much bigger can this thing (mma) still get than it is right now?

Liddell: I think it can keep growing. I mean, it's a great sport. As long as it keeps going the way it's been going with getting great matchups, and I think with like, Pride and the UFC merging and getting some of those guys and taking that away from....there's been some guys I've been trying to fight for a long time I've been trying to get, but they're with another organization. I'll be able to mix everybody together, it'll be great.

Rome: It's coming together. Chuck, really nice to have you on the show. Thank you very much. Good luck to you.

Liddell: Thank you.

Rome: I enjoyed it.

This is great for the UFC and MMA on the whole. And boxing's played right into it. UFC is blowing up in popularity and is landing prominent mainstream sports spots including the covers of Sports Illustrated and ESPN the magazine currently.

Although this interview is basic vanilla for diehard UFC and MMA fans, it sold additional pay per views by piqueing interest and humanizing the sport by breaking it down and not going too deep.

Chuck Liddell at this time is the face of the UFC. It's a fierce and warring face.

Buy the fight.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hair Of Fame

posted by IntrinsicBent has a pretty cool time eater featuring a slideshow of various facial hair artistry sported by sport celebrities over the years.

There is a range from Rollie Fingers' barbershop quartet looking moustache to Johnny Damon's thick rug beard to Dale Earnhardt's porn stache.

Scott Spiezio gets an honorable mention for his use of color.

It's too bad Al Hrabosky's Fu Man didn't make the cut.

Anaheim Beats Detroit Again

posted by IntrinsicBent

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - 6

Detroit Tigers - 3

Thanks for dropping by hockey fans.

A Potential ESPN Feud

posted by BiCoastal Bias

Check out this quote from Bill Simmons' column in the last ESPN magazine issue:

I'm not a fan of the whole overrated / underrated thing. With so many TV and radio shows, columnists, bloggers and educated sports fans around, it's nearly impossible for anything to be rated improperly anymore.

This is an interesting take, especially since it comes from one of the most overrated sports columnists of all time; although he shouldn't get credit for it since he ripped it off of an article by Chuck Klosterman, (and you know he got the idea from Klosterman, he's written a co-article with the guy and made it clear he worships Chuck).

But this take is even more interesting from Bill Simmons considering that his fellow ESPN personality Jayson Stark is putting out a book this June: The Stark Truth: The Most Overrated and Underrated Players in Baseball History. Ouch. Sorry Stark, according to Simmons, it doesn't even matter what your opinion is in the book, because the argument is worthless.

After hearing a few excerpts from Stark's book, I'm going to have to side with the Simmons / Klosterman camp on this one. The problem with this argument is that you have to somehow come to a conclusion as to what the general perception of a player is before you label them overrated or underrated. This first task will be Stark's undoing. For instance, Stark claims that Graig Nettles is one of the most overrated third baseman of all time. Uh . . . Graig who? Speaking as someone who was barely old enough to remember Nettles playing, I can only remember him being referenced for what a disappointment he was. He would have had to be really bad to be overrated.

Click here for highlightsAnd now time for a totally new subject: LeBron James' decision to pass last night instead of take the game-tying layup. For all you haters out there: get off his back. What makes LeBron great is that he is not Kobe. What makes him great is his ability to run a game in a number of different ways. It is a testament to James' versatility that his team only lost by three last night while he only scored 10 points. This is the Cavs we're talking about, without LeBron, they are one of the worst teams in the NBA; and yet his 10 rebounds, 9 assists, and 4 steals were almost enough to knock off the Pistons. If Marshall hits that wide open three pointer last night, we'd all be talking about the next Michael Jordan, so get off his back.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Memo To The Lakers

posted by IntrinsicBent

Bring this guy back.

He goes by many names, one is Fletch F. Fletch.

Legendary Laker announcer Chick Hearns once said:

"4 Million dollars a year sure..but he's worth every penny."

" Fletch, he defines grace under pressure."

Plus don't forget that he's 6'5", with the afro 6'9".

Just do it.

Serious MLB Visual Stat Goodness

posted by IntrinsicBent

I came across this incredible MLB team comparison of salary (team salary) to performance (record) found on

To this point in the season, the overachiever award goes to the Cleveland Indians while the big spending underachievers are none other than your New York Yankees.

Enjoy Frappers.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lost Logo Luster

posted by IntrinsicBent

The Sports Frappe is a no myopia zone. We don't look past an issue just because it hits close to home.

I've told you before that we sit in the heart of "Arrive Late, Leave Early, And You'd Better Win Or I Won't Come At All" country.

This solid piece of Web 2.0 journalism will prove that all over again.

The past two weeks of Southern California sports talk in regards to the Lakers have produced comments from sports mensas that range from "we should trade Kobe" to "we should trade everyone but Kobe in order to get Kevin Garnett."

Now that the dust and tears have settled, I've recently heard a constant stream of "if we only got Jerry West back, we would magically be transported back to 1985."

No we wouldn't.

And here is where I risk getting my SoCal resident card yanked from me.

Jerry West has lost a GM step or two. Although he did build the Memphis Grizzly franchise to a decent level of loser respectability, he in no way was able to wave his hand Jedi style and pronounce "you will trade with me" like he used to magically do.

Don't get me wrong, Jerry West has a blueblood basketball pedigree. First as a player, and then as a club executive who built a 5 ring 80's era team and then rebuilt it for 3 earlier this century.

The world of professional sports is ever evolving, and to think that West could show up, put his picture on the website and just wait for ridiculous player trade offers to come rolling in is ludicrous.

West found that the grass isn't greener while in Memphis, and probably not as easy to navigate with a new franchise with no history of success to fall back on. New team, new city, and new coaches makes for a tough success formula.

Inside the Lakers' organization there is reported dissension and/or a power struggle that has Jimmy Buss the heir apparent, receiving heat from Coach Phil Jackson, Sister Jeannie Buss, and most recently Lakers' aging superstar Kobe Bryant. Current GM Mitch Kupchak's role and authority are not clear at this point. This offseason is critical to the near and midterm future of this team.

Owner Dr. Jerry Buss will need to get everyone on the same page quickly, strategize with his management team, and then execute.

Kobe's body is not as young as his age would lead you to believe because of his entry into the NBA straight out of High School and his many playoff minutes amassed along the way.

He can opt out again in 2009. Let's get it done.

IntrinsicBent's Solid Lock NBA Conference Picks

posted by IntrinsicBent

Having some fun now.

I'm coming straight off of my 2 for 4 pick HOF type success (if you are a batter in the MLB), I now have the roadmap for the Conference bracket for your 2007 NBA Finals enjoyment.

In the East, the Detroit Pistons will end LeBron James' run for a ring.

In the West the San Antonio Spurs will reign supreme.

You are locked and loaded Frappers.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Sports Douche Of The Week

posted by Knowledge Droppings

This week's award goes to two organizations over an issue that continues to plague Major League Baseball.

It won't necessarily be popular, but my bosses have mentored me to take strong positions, if they are valid and need to be made.

The New York Yankees and Major League Baseball deserve this award in spades.

Jason Giambi trapped himself with comments he made this week which included:

"I was wrong for doing that stuff"

"What we should have done a long time ago was stand up -- players, ownership, everybody -- and said: 'We made a mistake.'

"We should have apologized back then and made sure we had a rule in place and gone forward. ... Steroids and all of that was a part of history. But it was a topic that everybody wanted to avoid. Nobody wanted to talk about it"

Self incriminating to say the least. But you HAVE to give it to this guy for having the stones to be the first active player fess up about his involvement with PED (performance enhancing drugs). What he said rings true.

As sports fans, journalists, and general media we always want to have a subject both ways. Same with this one.

Most of us are incensed with Bonds' arrogance and alleged lying to our faces as he chases down the homerun record.

We were disgusted by players such as Mark McGwire testifying that he didn't to rehash the past and wanted to move forward, and then slipping into self exile.

We were bent that Sammy Sosa suddenly lost his command of the english language at the same hearing.

We couldn't believe the audacity of Rafael Palmeiro at the hearing who boldface stated he had never used them. Then later the next season he gets popped for a positive drug test. It became worse when he went rat on a teammate with a dubious tale that he took them without knowing it.

We whine for years that all we want is for someone to step up and be honest. When someone mans up and does it, the team and league tear after them like a Salem resident looking for a witch.

So why give the award to the MLB and the Yanks?

Both of these entities are culpable in their passive acceptance of this issue. The MLB is playing catch up and looking for someone to be the whipping boy. They have a suspected juicer about to break one of baseball's most hallowed records and are paralyzed. They are looking for the perpetrators with their "investigation" at the same rate that O.J. is looking for the real killer(s).

The Yankees are equally disgusting because they seem to be wanting to dump a high salaried player that, although has figured out how to be productive in his post PED era, is still a mere shadow of what he was before he was identified as a user.

Some would give this award to Giambi himself, while others would give it to the Yankees, MLB, and Giambi.

The Sports Frappe gives it to the team and the league.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Prediction: Phoenix Wins Despite Suspensions

posted by BiCoastal Bias

Tonight's Spurs versus Suns playoff game will be without Boris Diaw, Amare Stoudemire, and Robert Horry; who were suspended after Monday night's altercations. Obviously, this hurts Phoenix a lot more than San Antonio for this game 5.

First of all, I agree with most of the sports world that David Stern (NBA commissioner) made the wrong call. For some reason, both the NBA and NFL have decided that giving one old white guy absolute power to suspend anyone he wants is a good idea. This is just un-American, and I can't believe the players unions are allowing them to get away with this.

All of that being said, the purpose of this blog is NOT to rail on this decision. In fact, I'm happy about it, because it gives the NBA playoffs a true villain in the San Antonio Spurs. Robert Horry was clearly the scrub bench player sent out to incite a riot - and it worked. The Spurs have been playing borderline dirty all series. Every cheap shot they take on Steve Nash has looked plausibly fair, but when you add them all up, the Spurs look guilty, and Horry's hip check Monday night is just the icing on the cake.

But a villain is only fun to have around when they get beaten; and I genuinely think that Nash will lead the Suns to a 3-2 lead tonight despite his missing All-Star. This Suns team has had to operate without Stoudemire in the past; and I honestly don't see a reason why they can't run every play that was supposed to go to Stoudemire through Shawn Marion. But more importantly, Steve Nash won't let his team lose. He just won't. He's the type of player who excels after he's been kicked around, and there's no doubt that he's taken plenty of kicks in this series.

So don't worry America, the good guys win.

Monday, May 14, 2007

A Late World Series

posted by MoneyMouth

Just when the conversation around the Frappe Office has been circling around the need to shorten the baseball season so that it can end sooner and begin later, MLB has decided to ignore our genius input. If you haven't heard the latest, MLB has decided that the World Series will begin on a Wednesday this year instead of the traditional Saturday. This means that if the World Series goes 7 games, we'll be watching baseball on November 1st.

The reasoning behind this move has to do with raising the TV viewership of the World Series. The weekends are typically TV's least watched evenings, Saturday being the lowest followed by Friday. Starting the World Series on a Wednesday avoids potentially having the series on two Saturday evenings and still avoids Friday nights. However, a game 5 would be in direct conflict with Monday Night Football.

The new schedule also provides some room for post-season rain outs. The Divisional Series will now have a day-off between game 4 and 5 for the first time ever, giving the players a much requested travel day. It will also extend time off between the Championship Series and the World Series. One report I heard today said that a sweep in the NLCS would give the team 9 days off! If Detroit taught us anything last year it's that too much time off is not a good thing.

While I have to applaud MLB for getting smart about its publicity, viewership, and post-season weather problems, there has got to be a better way of doing this. MLB just keeps pushing the baseball season later and later into the year. Baseball has already had scheduling problems with the beginning of this season. The dozen and a half rain outs (or snow outs) it experienced in places like Detroit and Cleveland will provide for plenty of fun doubleheaders later on this year. And with last post-season as an example, we should expect to see some similar problems this year, especially as we push the World Series later and later. Perhaps Mr. Al Gore is onto something when he talks about this whole climate change business.

Major League Baseball needs to get serious about this issue before they find themselves in a post-season series that can't be played at home due to a weather misfortune. Imagine how pissed the Mets are going to be when they have to move their home games to Milwaukee because of 5 days of heavy rain. While a solution is not going to be easy to settle on, BiCoastal Bias might be onto something with a shortened season. Beyond that, it seems like doubleheaders are baseball's only other option. And besides, fans love doubleheaders, so why not give them more of them?

Nonetheless, the fact still remains that we might be watching baseball in November this year. And in that case, I'll just consider it an early Christmas present. Thanks, Bud.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sports Douche Of The Week

posted by Knowledge Droppings

Hey Frappers.

This is the easiest week to tag someone with this title in the short lived history of this award.

This week's Sports Douche is none other than stolen base king and future Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson.

What did Rickey do you ask? What if I told you he fielded a foul ball at a Giants' game while watching in the stands and refused to give it to a kid? Yes he did and yes he does get this week's honor.

Rickey in the ESPN article talks about how the ball found him, how he could still play today, asks what Roger Clemens does that is so special, seems to almost say Roger would be a minor leaguer in his (Rickey's) day, and then calls his shot on someday landing a fishing championship trophy.

He also seems to think he runs the MLB in a weird sort of way:

"I'm going to look at it (making a comeback) at the end of the year. I might come out with some crazy stuff, a press conference telling every club, 'Put me on the field with your best player and see if I come out of it.' If I can't do it, I'll call it quits at the end," he said.

Oh ok Rickey, but only if you'll call it quits in the end.

The story seems to try to cover for Henderson by saying that Rickey did sign another ball that the kid brought with him. You know it's probably one of those crappy brown balls that have spent the night on the lawn through the sprinklers overnight. I doubt the kid was packing a sharpie on him so Rickey probably signed it in ballpoint pen where the ink fades out and ends sporadically during the signature.

His friends will all haze him in disbelief when he excitedly tries to recount his day at the park meeting a future Hall of Famer. Hopefully they're young enough that they don't even know who Henderson was or is.

If only Rickey Henderson had read this blog entry.

Wear it well Rickey.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why The Rocket May Not Be The Answer

posted by IntrinsicBent

"Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone" - Elton John

Not even close really. It was a Sunday after the 7th inning stretch when Roger Clemens seemed to hover over home plate with a microphone in his new/old boss' box.

"Well, they came and got me out of Texas, and I can tell you it's a privilege to be back," he said. "I'll be talking to y'all soon."

Not necessarily "I have a dream", but pretty par for a Texas boy I guess.

One year and $28,000,022. Cute how he got the $22 bucks at the end to represent his jersey number. The prorated amount will land The Rocket around $18.5 mil. For you non-math majors, that's around $4.5 million a month.

The Yankees will be all in at about $26 million after they add a cool $7.4 luxury tax cost to what Rocket gets.

Here's how that talk went with his wife:

Roger: Honey the Yankees want to....
Mrs. Rocket: Yes!

Seems this is what he meant by retirement to spend more time with his family in 2004 when he handed the Yanks his resignation. This before he started the Roger Clemens annual travelling show and auction celebration the past two Springs.

We find ourselves at a pivotal point in pro sports that apexes at this Yankee event. I believe we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the Yankee dynasty and this current ownership (G. Steinbrenner) regime.

The Yankees stand as the giants among the Davids. They're the deep pocketed, major market winners. It's exhausting if you're the opposing pitcher basically pitching against an All Star powered lineup.

But for years the Yanks have neglected growing their own (I'm talking talent in the minors Frappers) in lieu of spending/gambling on expensive older players that of late have quickly deteriorated in front of their eyes. Think Kevin Brown. Or Randy Johnson. It's a classic example of mortgaging the future for immediate gratification.

Championships have proven elusive the past few years however (the last 6 to be exact) even though the Yanks always have the highest payroll in the Bigs. Baseball has proven bigger than the participants by showing that chemistry and timely peaks matter.

Underdogs and small market, small payroll clubs have proliferated in this first decade of the new millenium. The Yankees, once known for their solid minor league farm network, prove that a solid farm system coupled with tons of money can create a dynasty (championships '96, '98' '99' and 2000). Taking shortcuts by trading and neglecting your farm for players at or on the downhill side of their peak equals chemistry issues and falling short of your expectations.

Even though they throw mad amounts of jack at players, by interrupting the backflow of their youth, they have managed to level the playing field with other less privileged teams. Smaller market and budget clubs build through their minor system, pick off strategic free agents for specific roles, rise to the top, and hopefully win it all before losing players to big contracts. Then they simply strive to recreate the same cycle of events.

The Yankees' cycle sustained itself at the top level for a longer period, while to date, no World Series winner in a year starting with 20 has been able to repeat the feat in a year starting with 20.

This brings us back to the Rocket. I'll admit I've been wrong in the last two years about his durability at his age, but I've been right about Randy Johnson. The Yanks in this injury scarred year are desperate to get in the running in their division.

The biggest gamble is not on the part of the Bronx Bombers however. The gamble is on Clemens himself. It's one thing to play for a team where the fans appreciate your contribution like in Houston. It's completely another when you play a market that could care less about your whole body of work but judge you on a play by play basis.

Clemens is being rushed to be in the game as soon as possible this season to expectations that appear to be no less than to singlehandedly take this struggling iconic franchise on his back and take them to past glory.

Can a once every five game participant be expected to do that? Every Yankee fan and the Yankees' $26 million investment say that it better be that way.

The Rocket did last year's Astros and yours truly's fantasy team no favors when he auctioned off his favors like the last unasked high school girl to the prom.

Everyone in Houston was stoked to "land" his services, but I can argue that he actually was arrogant by costing the Astros the ability to steer their own ship into the playoffs had he afforded them an additional 4 to 5 wins. Their rudderless ship struggled to make the playoffs and never seemed to be in synch. This was not all his fault as injuries decimated the Astros team. But it didn't help. It would be like a Little League team letting little Johnny who did not participate in any practices to come along and bump little Jimmy and start the whole season.

It's yet another example of how life now much of the time imitates "reality" (TV) as far as plot and story lines.

And Roger is not known for his pleasant demeanor.

Whether it's his reputation for pitching high and tight on batters that do well against him (even his own son Koby), flat out head hunting (Piazza), chucking a broken bat barrel at a batter (Piazza again), or his recent turn at an aged pitcher taking on a photographer ala Kenny Rogers and Randy Johnson, Clemens still has the fire that only pro athletes can get away with in society.

When he does finally retire, do yourself a favor and make sure you never get caught traipsing across this old dude's lawn.

Resurgence of the National League

posted by BiCoastal Bias

I've got one question for this early baseball season: did the National League come out of nowhere? Suddenly, the senior circuit has all of the dominant teams. Milwaukee has shocked everyone to be baseball's hottest team, (though yours truly picked them to win the weak central); meanwhile Atlanta and the entire NL West have surprised everyone. Of course, some of them will let up, but you've got to figure that Philadelphia will come around by then anyways. It's amazing how quickly the tides can turn.

Then when you compare them to the American League, you see the real reversal of fortune. The Yankees, Angels, Twins, and White Sox are all showing that they have some large holes to fill. The only real surprise is just how well the Red Sox and Indians have started, though most expected them to compete anyways.

But, the biggest surprise of the summer has to be that Jeff Weaver is still pitching. As of this writing, he is trying to get out of the second inning of his start against Detroit, having already given up 3 runs. His ERA is 16.00 in this is sixth start. He is on track for his sixth loss. How much does the man have to do to prove that he can't pitch in the AL?

My boldest prediction of the season? Jeff Weaver will be pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals by the end of 2007. In a repeat of last year, Weaver will be dropped by an American League club, only to be picked up by the Cardinals; only this year, the Cardinals will be too far out of the playoff hunt to matter.

Monday, May 07, 2007

The Real Story On NBA Referees

posted by SubversiveTheory

Let me let you in on a story that is not being revealed by old media.

Don't believe the message of the puppetmasters that would have you believe that the recent showdown between San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan and NBA referee Joey Crawford was about referees thinking they are the game.

That whole dramatic scenario was created and executed from the Commissioner's office. This is the same man that has singlehandedly taken the NBA from a drug addled sport to an international marketed phenomenon.

Plans in this direction have been hatched in the backrooms and basement of the NBA for some time now. Every since the sport of basketball has gone global and it realized that it is basically globe locked in it's current form.

Sure, the NBA will still take years to implement a true global league and debug the massive logistics and scheduling problems. But the NBA is doing their job and are out front on the new paradigm of revenue streams that will take the NBA deep into the 21st century.

The NBA owns and controls the referee officials. It's next foray into revenue will be involving this branch that they so tightly command.

The recent eviction of a future HoFer and subsequent "fight" Challenge by the referee wasn't the first seeding of this new product. The initial event occurred at this year's All Star game in Las Vegas. They got you started with an elderly referee "racing" a retired NBA Hall of Famer. Vegas lines weren't allowed on the basketball game that day. Not so for the referee race.

Then unbeknownst to the NBA player involved with the referee that wanted to fight, the referee was assigned to the game and instructed to carry out his outlandish actions.

This future product I'm describing will be a hybrid of Average Joe meets The Superstar Challenge featuring referees, players, and coaches. Alleged activities being considered are badminton, electric bull, Risk, amongst other ridiculous games, activities, and events.

Disclaimer: Subversive Theory’s opinions and well………..theories are not the opinions of Blogger, The Sports Frappe, it’s owners, or advertisers. The Sports Frappe bears no responsibility for the thoughts, feelings, or posts made by Mr. (Ms.?) Theory.

Intrinsic's Second Round NBA Playoff Solid Locks

posted by IntrinsicBent

I don't like to pimp myself, but man......I tore up the prognosticating in the 1st round of this year's NBA Playoffs going 5-3. And I dominated picks in the East. Who knew? I did, that's who.

Here we go with round 2 and I'm feeling the need, the need for..........Rasheed? Never mind.

Here's your breakdown Frappers:


Chicago Bulls v. Detroit Pistons

Paging Michael Jordan..........Mr. Jordan, you're needed on court 1. As I said last time, I think the Bulls are on to something good. For the future anyway.

Everyone I know wants this series win for the Bulls' Ben Wallace. It's a combo here of not having the matchups or the playoff experience to successfully navigate into Round 3.

Plus Flip Saunders miscues aren't scheduled until the next round or later.

I have the Pistons in 6 here.

New Jersey Nets v. Cleveland Cavaliers

Remember how cool it was when the Nets were in New York that New York had teams named the Jets, Mets, and the Nets?

Anyway, take a good look at your team New Jersey, 'cuz there's a real good chance you won't see this roster combination sporting your team's logo next year.

It's time for King James to move into the 3rd round.

Cleveland in 6 games here.


San Antonio Spurs v. Phoenix Suns

This was the feelgood bloodsport of the second round so far wasn't it? Nash sitting on the bench trying to get in at the end of the game despite his beak pouring blood and saturating all of the Suns' trainers first aid kit inventory.

Now that is basketball. And some would say this is insanity:

Suns in 7 games. Don't believe me then. Hide and watch.

Golden State Warriors v. Utah Jazz

I picked neither of these teams to be here so I am making this pick under protest. I see more questions here than answers.

"Does Golden State have more than just the Mavericks' number?" "Can Utah band together for another successful series?" "Will Baron Davis' body be able to sustain the gruelling play that the playoffs require?" "Can Andrei Kirilenko contribute more than tears to his team?" "Do fries go with that shake?"

Simply put....the Warriors in 7

If you're wondering why I'm picking after the first round has started, read this.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Sports Douche of the Week

posted by Knowledge Droppings

We don’t have to go very far for this week’s Sports Douche of the Week award. This week, I’m handing the douche label over to boxing. That’s right, not just one person; everyone involved and connected to boxing is a douche.

For weeks we have been hearing all this hype and talk about the Pretty Boy Floyd vs. Oscar De La Hoya fight and how it would be the “fight to save boxing.” Too bad the fight to save boxing turned into a split decision in which the loser didn’t even look like he had been touched. The last thing boxing needed was another fight that will be surrounded with controversy. I have a feeling this split decision has more to do with finding a way to get these two to fight again without one of them being a winner by knockout (but I'll leave that post to SubversiveTheory).

Quite honestly, this fight did nothing to save boxing. This fight was more like the nails in the coffin for boxing. And it’s not surprising either. Without any notable superstars or heavyweights, boxing has lost any appeal to my generation. It’s too difficult to get superstars to come together in the first place. With all the money tied to these fights, promoters have other agendas at work than bringing together the two biggest studs every chance they get.

As my boss has pointed out, the UFC is on its way up and has easily passed up boxing in the rankings. This only solidifies the fact that boxing can forget about being saved. That is why boxing can now wear the Douche Championship Belt with pride. You may have had a chance of saving yourself, but this was too little too late.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Extreme Makeover: NBA Edition

posted by IntrinsicBent

No one's star shone brighter in the first round of the 2007 NBA Playoffs than Golden State Warrior Stephen Jackson.

You could automatically say, "What about his teammate Baron Davis?" Second place maybe. This because of the baggage Jackson has had to shed.

Against the backdrop of being only the third eight seed ever to best a top seed, the Warriors ran down the Dallas Maverick's gut to win the series against the 67 regular season game winning Mavericks.

Before this series, Jackson was known more for being a bad boy than he was as a clutch pro basketball player.

In 2004 while part of the Indiana Pacers, Jackson was one of the main participants in the unfortunate brawl with spectators in the Palace of Auburn Hills during a game against the Detroit Pistons for which he served a 30 game suspension.

The beginning of this season found Jackson in danger of violating his probation stemming from the Palace brawl when he was involved in a fracas in a strip club where he was alleged to have fired shots.

In January of this year he was part of a blockbuster 8 player trade between the Indiana Pacers and Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors spent the rest of the season pulling their new nucleus together in Don Nelson's run and gun scheme. They had to fight themselves into the 8th seed for the privilege of what most thought was to get spanked by the NBA best Mavericks.

The playoffs found Stephen Jackson getting tossed from two games, getting fined by both the NBA and his own coach after the first ejection.

Tonight's 6th and clinching game had Jackson serving the Mavericks and their cadre of superstar players by scoring 33 points including going 7 for 8 three pointers and maintaining pressure on the Mavs when Baron Davis went out of the game temporarily with hammy problems.

Let's hope Stephen Jackson can be known for his ball skills from here on out.

Lakers lose, as do NBA fans everywhere

posted by BiCoastal Bias

Well, the Los Angeles Lakers were wiped from the NBA playoffs uneventfully last night; losing the first round series to the Phoenix Suns, 3-1. (I've heard it said that one-on-five is just not fair.) And while Lakers fans today might be thinking, "Maybe next year," the rest of the nation is thinking, "I hope the Clippers make it next year."

In fact, I just read from a reliable source that the Clippers are LA's team now. I can't say that I'm surprised. With this year's last remaining playoff spots coming down to both LA teams, and the Golden State Warriors; the Warriors have clearly earned their berth, by taking a current 3-2 lead over Dallas. Clippers Spirit Meanwhile, it's hard not to get swept up by the glamorous "red, white and blue" that is the Clippers:

So hopefully next year, NBA fans across the globe will be spared from Kobe's one man show, and will get to see what they've all come to yearn for, the "Spirit" of the Clippers.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In Missouri, Ask For Proof Of A Diploma

posted by IntrinsicBent

Remember in High School, when you'd ask this question?:

Why do I have to learn (fill in the blank)? I'm never gonna need this in life.

If you're going to sew ink in the form of words on someone else's body that will stay with them for life, you might want to pay attention during the spelling portion of your education.

According to court papers attained by the Smoking Gun, some stoked Cardinals fan decided he'd commemorate his St. Louis team winning the World Series by dropping $190 on his first tattoo to celebrate the event.

The 20 year old college student requested he receive a tat on his back saying "St. Louis Cardinals, World Series Champions, 2006".

This same tattee is now suing the ink shop for $25 large.

Seems he went to his Mom to show her his never ending badge of dedication the next morning, and she had to break some bad news to him.

His tat read "St. Louis Cardinals, Worlb Series Champs, 2000."

For those of you from Kentucky, World is mispelled, Champions was shortened, and The Yankees won the series in 2000.

That artist never lasted long in the spelling beae.