Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Went To A Rangers Game And A Football Score Broke Out

posted by IntrinsicBent

The Rangers did something today that no MLB team has done in 110 years. Drop 30 runs on an opponent.

The Orioles were the Rangers'......

Let's just say the Rangers owned the Orioles in this 30 to 3 beat down.

The last place Rangers were down 0-3 to the Orioles in the first of two scheduled games when the Rangers must have started believing they were in pinstripes and put the O's down.

The box shows 30 runs on 29 hits and 1 error. To add insult to the injury, Texas' pitcher that pitched the last 3 inning earned a saves.

As of this writing, the Rangers are up on the O's in the 2nd game 9 - 7.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

More Evidence Against Bonds

posted by IntrinsicBent

Barry Bonds finally smashed Hank Aaron's all time home run record last week.

This event that should have been the most joyous sports celebration of 2007 of course was met with disdain, cynicism, doubt, disgust, and at best, indifference.

This is all due to the ugly "S" word that labels performance enhancing drugs. Regardless of what KnowledgeDroppings says, Bonds is the face of the steroids era scandal.

Yours truly has discovered more damning evidence against Bonds while researching it on the internet. Where's the proof, you say? I have your stinking proof buddy.........right here.

That's Bonds' rookie card above. See the difference in his physique? I sure do.

And it has to be true because I found it on the internet.

Tip Of The Cap To Coach Jeff For The Lead.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Red Sox 3 Devil Rays 0

posted by BiCoastal Bias

BiCoastal Bias here, reporting to you from the bleachers of Fenway Park; where Tim Wakefield pitched 8 innings of masterful two-hit ball, and Jonathon Papelbon closed it. Wakefield had a no-hitter going after five innings. In the top of the sixth, a fan behind me decided to announce to our entire section that "Tim Wakefield is pitching a no-hitter." Everyone groaned, yet Wakefield made it out of the sixth with the no-no intact.

Then in the top of the seventh, the guy next to me leaves his seat. The next batter, Carl Crawford, gets a base-hit. Way to go guy-with-the-receding-hairline, I hope your ice cold lemonade was worth it.

The lesson here, Frappers, is that talking about a no-hitter doesn't jinx it like everyone seems to think, but moving seats does.

And now, for a personal message to Eric Gagne: Boston is just not that into you. That smattering of boos you received while walking from the dugout to the bullpen in between innings tonight was only a taste of what will come the next time you actually take the mound in Fenway. I know what Theo Epstein thought when he set you and Boston up; you're a big hockey fan and Boston's in the northeast, but it's time to admit that this match just isn't looking good. You're heading down the path to become just another great player that Boston won't appreciate. At this point, you're only hope is to do something truly heroic - like challenge the entire New York Yankees squad to a bar-brawl, and win. Otherwise, I'd get out at the end of the season and find a town that can appreciate your talent.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

SoCal Scoreboard Goes To The Angels

posted by IntrinsicBent

Boo Yah!

Take that Padres and Dodgers! In your faces! The Angels dominate once again.

According to a Sunday article that was summarized well by Yahoo, in the past two and a half years the Angels have received 118 vermin (rats, mice, etc.) violations compared two only 7 for the Dodgers, and a measly 2 for the Padres.

You think the ingredient label of a hot dog grossed you out before? Wait 'til you try an Angel dog that has been made with love under the supervision of the area's favorite mouse Mickey.

The story quotes Angels VP of communication Tim Mead as saying he's not into excuses but then blames it on the rain in 2005.

Evidently, it has nothing to do with sometimes letting trash which includes food to sit around for up to 12 hours before removing it.

All I know is that they better have it figured out before I arrive tomorrow night to watch the Angels v Red Sox matchup.

That's why I stick with those thimble sized $6 chocolate malts with the thin blade of a wooden "spoon" that always breaks on you unless you're willing to hold your malt in your hands until the drive home when the malt thaws enough to consume.

Sports Hero Of The Week

posted by Knowledge Droppings

Here we are with the yang to the SDOFTW yin.

This week's hero is none other Mr. Barry Bonds, the soon to be King and owner of the all time homer record in the MLB.

I know many of you see Bonds as a modern day Darth Vader and as Intrinsic puts it, the face of steroids in baseball. But regardless of all the drama, you have to respect the record..............and therefore the record holder.

Sports Douche Of The Week

posted by Knowledge Droppings

Knowledge Droppings back with the feature that you've all been screaming for.

This week's honoree is none other than Michael Vick. True this story broke weeks ago but it does not diminish the fact that he may the most worthy recipient ever to receive this title. At this point he's the front runner for the Sports Douche of the Year.

Anyone that takes advantage of a human or animal that is otherwise unable to fend for themselves is basically a predator. In this case Vick is a pimp of pain and death. You've heard the gory details of the treatment of the "unworthy" animals, so I won't put you through it here.


And not the good way.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Dodger Fans Have Something For Ya

posted by IntrinsicBent

As baseball and it's commissioner Bud "Herculean Effort" Selig struggle with how to act around the imminent smashing of Hank Aaron's all time home run record, Dodger fans seemed to have something planned for Barry. But it didn't have anything to do with winning the series (Giants got over 2 games to 1).

They had the boos working, had fashionable Barry Blockers which were sunglasses with a blast shield that swung down over their eyes blinding them from watching Barry at bat, had chants of "Baroid", and had drunken idiots fighting in the stands over NoCal/SoCal pride (or who really owns the rights to the Raiders).

They also had a big donut for Barry leaving him homerunless after three games. That's hip jargon for zero for you uncools.

Not to worry though, they take the Barry Bonds travelling Show to Petco Park as they play the San Diego Padres next. The Pods are one of the teams that seem determined to pitch to Barry and help boost him over Aaron's fence.

This series will feature the impending matchup between Bonds and Greg Maddux who is credited with 8/754ths of Bonds' homers.

Intrinsic's solid lock prediction:

Maddux will give up a homer to Barry to this series. I can't see yet whether it might be 755 or 756, but Maddux will be stubborn enough to think he can run that 70 mph puss up to the plate and be able to Jedi mind trick Barry.

This whole thing reminds me of a statement that the Norman faithful had towards the end of Barry Switzer's tenure (they totally don't recall this when asked but it's true) which simply went "Bury Barry".

'Nuff said.

Must Be The Chowda

posted by IntrinsicBent

Back in the day, Boston was a thriving mecca that churned out many famous comedic minds from the vibrant comedy club circuit.

During that time it seemed that the Boston area teams took their cue from this as they were some of the biggest jokes in their respective leagues.

Not any more.

The Massachussetts teams have recently pulled off a trifecta that seems to suggest that pahkin ya cah in the garahge for a pro team in Mass is as chic as a starlet hittin' rehab.

The Patriots were the first local team to start bringing home the rings and then this spring again led the way by dealing for wide receiver Randy Moss.

The Boston Red Sox snapped a curse in '04 and won the World Series in dramatic fashion. This week at the trade deadline, they dealt for the all healed over former dominant closer Eric Gagne. The NY v. Boston rivalry is starting to have less to do with the Yanks and the Sox as it is between the Mets and the Sox.

The Celtics haven't been good...............well, since you were running around sporting a mullet and driving a camaro. But that should change after Danny Ainge went all Jerry West and dealt for Ray Allen and then this week worked a blockbuster trade for none other than Kevin Garnett. The dude that did not want to be traded..............was traded.

Congratulations chowderheads, you are pulling the trigger.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Blog About Sox Appeal

posted by BiCoastal Bias

This blog is just to notify the Frappe Nation about a new phenomenon to hit the Red Sox Nation. It's a dating show that debuted tonight on the Boston Red Sox television network called "Sox Appeal." The premise is this: some lucky bachelor gets a free ticket to a Red Sox game; where he will participate in a sort of speed dating with three different women, two innings a piece.

The scene is made more interesting and awkward because the surrounding fans frequently interject into the conversations of the "date," and once the two innings are up, some of them hold up score cards to register what they thought of the young lady. The editing crew adds lots of graphics into the footage, proclaiming hits and errors when the two find something in common, or say something totally inappropriate. What's even funnier is when they include footage of the Red Sox television commentators, giving their take on the date.

Tonight's episode took place during the Sox vs. Giants match up on a Saturday back in June, featuring a single male with an unusual history, he is a retired figure skater. This brought some laughs as well as lame jokes. His third date turned out to be a Yankee fan, which the figure skater promptly announced to the surrounding Sox fans so that she could be showered with boos. What's funny is that it appeared he had the most chemistry with her than the other two, but her Yankee allegiance was a deal breaker, naturally.

I'm sure the creators of the show brought in the Yankee fan intentionally; and you have to wonder if they have other tricks up their sleeve for future episodes. I kind of doubt it. All in all, the show is a clever mix of a blind date mixed into a baseball game, but I don't think that's quite enough to make it worth watching.