Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sports Douche Of The Week

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It's only fitting that on the day of the last games of the MLB's regular season that we hand our award to perennial SDOTW recipient, Barry Bonds.

Today Barry did not suit up for the final game versus the Dodgers and left in the 1st inning. That's his version of "thank you Giants fans for 15 years of support." As it usually does with Barry, it got worse.

In the clubhouse he joked in front of reporters saying, "I broke the homerun record and then they fired me."

When asked by ESPN reporter Colleen Dominguez how he was feeling on his last day as a Giant, Barry replied "I have two words...........goodbye."

Bonds wouldn't comment on where he might play next year, or if he would even play at all.

No word yet on what that second word is going to be.

Sports Hero Of The Week

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Today was the last game that future Hall of Famer and Houston Astros All Star player Craig Biggio will ever play in the MLB.

Biggio was on teams that made runs for it all, even making it to the World Series one year, but never received the hardware.

Biggio finishes his career as the Astro leader in games, at bats, hits, doubles, and total bases.

In the big scheme of things, Biggio stands out as well:

Hit by 285 pitches - 2nd overall in MLB history

3,060 Hits - 20th overall

668 Doubles - 5th overall

1,844 Runs - 12th overall

In an era scourged with controversy and question, Craig Biggio did it the right way.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Just Do It!

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Rumors hit the AM airwaves in LA today regarding Phoenix Suns player Shawn Marion.

Then of course they were quickly categorically denied.

Reports had the Suns wanting either Lamar Odom and Brian Cook or Lamar Odom and Andrew Bynum.

Memo to Mitch Kupchak: Get this done!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Welcome To Los Angeles My All Star Friend

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Here we go, some preseason NBA fun.

The Phoenix Sun that resembles a raptor (the Juraissic Park kind, not the Canadian team) when he shoots, wants a trade. I like the way he shoots. The ball goes in often. He rebounds. He shares. He's a winner. He's a veteran. He's playoff tested.

Let me pass on the following letter:

Dear Shawn Marion,

We are sorry to hear that your current employer undervalues you and continually seems to want to make you move away from them.

We have always admired you as a person as well as the work you do.

When we've played you, we wanted to win, but somehow always secretly wished there was a way you could win too.

We know how it feels to be unwanted. We once played in Minnesota and they shipped us out to what they thought was a western barren basketball wasteland. But we worked hard, and showed them that we were in fact a team that was good.

Why don't you consider coming and playing for us? Don't worry about the star on our team, as he wants a trade, but we won't give him one if you don't want us to.

You will get a lot of fake attention from the other basketball team in town, especially since their power forward is out for the year. But then what? Would they try to make you leave too after they used you? You don't want that. Plus, they don't have any more self respect than to rent space in our gym to play in where the seats are purple and gold.

Did I tell you how good you'd look in those historical purple and gold colors? You would!

We also have a lot of famous people that come to our games. Especially when we are winning. But they won't get in your way after the games, because they always leave early.

And we have sushi in our concessions!

We love guys with two first names also!

Your devoted followers,

Lakers Fans

Up In Smoke

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You're Michael Vick and you've just been through what was probably the worst period in your life. In fact, it's not worst period past tense, 'cuz you're still in the fire storm.

So what do you do? Read up on the law in the case? Go talk things over with family? Workout?

Naw.....................evidently you hit the bong.

It is very hard to see someone that was blessed with crazy talent not have anyone around him that will tell him straight that he needs to man up and do the right thing. Consistently.

Instead he surrounds himself with barnacles and other hangers on that have great ideas like, "hey, let's start a dog fighting league and smoke pot." Oh yeah, and roll over on him faster than Roseanne on the last long john in the pastry box.

With new NFL commissioner Roger Goodell at the helm, this could be the end of what very well could have ended up being a Hall Of Fame career. Or maybe a Superbowl champion career. Who knows? Most likely he will now end up in Canadian football at best. He and Ricky Williams can then retire and do movies posing as a hispanic from east LA and a half chinese cruising around in different mind altering situations.

Now the judge is bent at him in his legal case as well.

No word on whether Guitar Hero was involved in this incident.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Funniest Line Of The Week (So Far)

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Kansas City Chiefs Running Back Larry Johnson running smack on his coach Herm Edwards:

"Coaches are going to do what they want to do, and it's usually an ego thing."

This was in reaction to him not getting the ball.

"Sometimes they make it so difficult like it's trigonometry. It's not chess, it's checkers."

Honorable Mention goes to his Coach who responded in part that he did not take it personally because he was only venting. Plus he said it was because now there were so many cameras.'

Actually Coach, it was only one camera........which looked like it was at your facility.

Overachievers Take Heart

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Are you stuck in a dead end job, where you don't get the cred you deserve? Are you an assistant to the top salesperson in a company and he/she gets all the pub and money?

Take heart overachievers everywhere.

According to, "The Dean Of Mean" Keith Jardine received far less bank in his upset of former UFC Light Heavyweight champ and ex face of the UFC, Chuck "The Iceman" Lidell.

The disparity came in the paychecks received by the participants. Jardine, the victor scored $14,000 for his 15 minute fight, while Lidell will receive $500,000.

The fight was determined by the judges in a split decision.

Story Source

My Hero

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I love this kind of stuff. I love the way the old media tries to make this guy a bad guy for stepping up. Of course, I wouldn't want to be the "kid" that Coach was ragingly protecting. Think he'll take some in the locker room and on the field? Especially on away games. If he did everything right, why did the coach yank him?

The coach must know best. I'm coming after him 'cuz he's a man. HE'S 40!

Of course, I dig this too:

Handoff To Griese; Drop The Deuce

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The NFL is in full swing, and the story lines are piling up quickly.

The first reality series plot does not come as a surprise. This has really been coming down the pike since last year, hasn't it? Rex Grossman has been plagued with inconsistency for a while. Many Bears fans would argue that it cost the Windy City a Superbowl ring. Who knows?

This is filed in the "if frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump theri butts" category.

Grossman's reported replacement will be previous Bears 2nd string and NFL journeyman Brian Griese. If you compare the vital stats, the main one that Grossman has over Griese is Wins.

The plot thickens. We'll see if Griese can take care of the ball, make sound decisions, and let the defense do the rest. Call it the Trent Dilfer Plan (the plan the Baltimore Ravens followed all the way to a Superbowl win in 2001).

In other news, Deuce McAllister of the New Orleans Saints was lost for the season due to a torn ACL as part of a dismal Monday night last night for the Saints in their loss to the Tennesee Titans in logging an 0-3 record.

In this new skool sports economy, is the intrigue in whether or not Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush can step up now that destiny has called his name? Maybe.

But it's probably more intriguing to rush to your computer, log on, and see which poor sucker in your large fantasy sports football league picked Deuce in the late 1st round or in the 2nd and now will be without a high level pick for the rest of the season.

Adapt or die baby.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hey Donovan

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Last week all the talking heads were going gaga over Donovan McNabb's HBO interview with James Brown (he feels good) where Donovan ran down his dissertation on why black quarterbacks have it harder than their non-black counterparts.

To me, this falls somewhere in the conversation of water being wet. Of course it's true that not only has it been harder for African Americans to get a shot at the position, but they face stronger criticism and scrutiny.

Glad I could straighten that out for you. Want me to tell you what the O.J. thing is all about and how it will turn out? Whoa Nelly, that's off topic.

Back to the QB situation, quarterbacks of all colors can rejoice that they are not Rex Grossman. I'm not sure that Rush Limbaugh will call him out this week, but based on what I saw and heard tonight during the Sunday Night game between Dallas and Chicago, I can safely say almost all of the Bears Nation will have Grossman on their lips.

And it will mostly be that "(expletive) Grossman" kind of discussion. Bears fans are very serious characters. I'm not sure that Rexxy G. can do anything to prevent the inevitable. I don't even think shaving a mohawk and referring to himself as the "punky QB" would help at this point. (See Superbowl Shuffle)

Here's a little tip for John (Madden) & Al (Michaels), the broadcasters on SNF (Sunday Night Football).

Stop falling in love so easily with organizations and players. Especially in the 3rd week of the young season. Their gushing over all things Cowboy were making me very uneasy. And yes I mean in that recent uneasy cowboy movie kind of way.

There's a ton of season left fellas. And no, I'm not bagging on John Madden with that comment.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Of Course Joey Crawford Was Reinstated

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When will you "Frappers" start listening to me?

I told you that Crawford's suspension was part of a larger plot many months ago.

You're welcome.

Funniest Line Ever Uttered By A Miscreant?

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If you awoke from a coma in the past few days, you might be disoriented and think the year is 1994.

Not due to the coma necessarily, but rather because O.J. Simpson is king of the news again.

O.J. makes all the other dog fighters, juice takers, and cheaters in sports headlines look like minor leaguers in comparison. I don't need to run down Simpson's long laundry list of ill deeds. You would have had to been......................well, in a coma to not be aware that the dude's just plain trouble.

But he said something before he was arrested that makes me disgusted with myself for enjoying it so much.

He actually semi defended himself by saying, "I thought what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas."


Was he trying to be funny? Did he believe that was part of Nevada law?

Who knows? The guy is seriously.................................. I've run out of negative descriptions at this point.

I tell you who I feel sorry for. It's the marketing person that came up with that whole Vegas campaign. I mean, here you are riding the crest of success where something you created has actually become part of the American fabric for 15 minutes.......and then O.J. has to come and ruin everything.

I'm sure the Son of Sam uttered, "Where's The Beef?" at some point during his trial.

*Update* Prosecutors file charges against Simpsons

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dear Marty,

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We know we hardly raised a fuss when you unceremoniously lost your poilitical battle with the GM last year and were fired.

We blamed you for getting us to the playoffs and losing in the early rounds even though we knew that was what you did during your time in Kansas City.

We thought we had the players in place that were so good, they could coach themselves to a Superbowl ring. We proved this by bringing in a coach that has had no reasonable Head Coaching success.

Last week we looked horrible, but came back and won. We wrote it off to playing the Superbowl runner up, our marquis running back was shaking off rust, and it was the first game of the season.

This week however, we got rolled up in our matchup against the Patriots. Sure, they're THE Patriots, but we still competed at such an underachieving level that we could have been in the Pop Warner division. We looked for cameras on the Patriot sideline to try to win it that way, but found it was clean.

Please come back Marty. We made a HUGE mistake.



San Diego Chargers Fans

Friday, September 14, 2007

Video-gate, When Will It Die?

posted by BiCoastal Bias

I guess I was naive for hoping that the Patriots' Videogate scandal would end with commissioner Roger Goodell's punishment of Bill Belichick handed down earlier today. It looks like the buzz over this issue has only just begun.

Let me state straight away - I have made it clear on this blog many times before that I think Bill Belichick is a football genius. So I am admittedly approaching this topic being slightly sympathetic toward Belichick.

You know who the real loser is in this whole interaction? Roger Goodell. Because of his stupid "I'm the big sheriff in this here league" mantra from day one of his tenure, he's put himself in a spot in which it will be impossible for him to dole out consistent punishments for all of the offenses members of the NFL commit from week to week. We already have a statement from Wade Wilson complaining of his own punishment now in light of Belichick's. This is an absolute no-win for Goodell, because people are definitely going to compare this instance of cheating to all of the drug-related cheating charges going on, and yet suspending a quarterback coach and a head coach are completely unrelated; and it's really not fair of Wilson to start pointing out percentages of salary that their fines represent.

The other thing that we can definitely plan on being inundated with are teams bringing up past playoff games in which they now speculate Belichick must have cheated. The Philadelphia Eagles are only the first in line. This is rather sad, not to mention annoying.

This scandal actually reminds me of my final high school football game. It was the the California Interscholastic Federation - Southern Section Div. VIII semifinal game. With most of the fourth quarter left, my team was rallying from a two touchdown deficit, momentum definitely on our side. Suddenly the refs stopped the game, having a conference with the head coaches. Apparently the opposing team's coach was claiming that his headset was no longer working, and that the rules stated that both teams would then have to forgo the use of radio technology. Our coach explained to the refs that the rule only states that the home team must provide the visiting team with an operational radio; and seeing that we were the visiting team, the game should go on whether their headset worked or not. Miraculously, when this was explained to the opposing coach, his headset began working again.

As you can see, it's my position that the opposing coach was trying to cheat. Did it matter? No. We fumbled away a punt and lost the game 27 - 13, and had the opposition succeeded in their dishonest plan, the score would have remained the same. My point is that occasionally in sports, we run across individuals who will do every little thing to gain an edge, honest or dishonest. But when the rules are set up and properly enforced, these individuals' dishonest actions rarely lead to an impact in either direction on the game. The only mark that's left is on their characters and reputations.

All in all, I think Belichick deserves the punishment he got. I'll even admit that Goodell would have been justified in suspending him a game or two. I'm just tired of hearing the speculation over what could have been or should have been. When we look back on the Patriots' dynasty (which isn't over yet, by the way), this cheating scandal will be a rather small blip on the time line. If a dynasty could be built by videotaping opponents defensive coordinators, well, football would be a lot easier game than I've thought it to be, all along.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

BiCoastal Bias' NFL Predictions

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Before I give you my NFL predictions for the 2007 season, I'd just like to remind everyone that I had last year's Super Bowl 50% correct. I had the AFC beating the Chicago Bears, unfortunately I picked New England, the AFC runner up to Peyton's Colts.

So who is it going to be this year? This year I'm taking the New England Patriots in a lop sided victory over the Carolina Panthers. New England is the easy choice. They're offensive additions were incredible; with the most overlooked aspect being the O-line. On Sunday, Brady had way too much time to the throw the ball on every down. This team looks ready to steamroll anyone they line up against, assuming Roger Goodell doesn't suspend Bill Belichick over last week's latest cheating allegation.

Carolina is the less popular choice. They were the hot pick for the Super Bowl last season, and grossly underachieved, which is exactly why I like them. A year under their belt, and a division that has declined significantly with the departure of Michael Vick could mean good things for them.

As for the rest of the division winners, I'm predicting mostly repeats of last year:
San Diego, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Seattle, Chicago, and Dallas.

My most surprising team of the year prediction falls on San Francisco, whose offense should be ready to break out at some point this season, (Monday night's game was not a good indication of that, but I'm sticking to my guns). I foresee the New Orleans Saints being the biggest disappointment. I don't see them riding the high they road last year; and while I'm sure Bush will continue to step into the spotlight, I don't think the defense will be able to keep up.

So I'll round it out by giving wildcard berths to Cincinnati, Denver, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Looking For Drugs In All The Wrong Places

posted by IntrinsicBent

It is almost impossible to go a day without hearing, reading, or debating illegal performance enhancing drugs' impact on professional sports.

Seemingly. pro sports treated the whole issue with a wink and a nod, choosing instead to turn a blind eye as these substances enhanced the money performance of their respective leagues.

This week, even the WWE suspended 11 of their "stars" in a "crackdown" against steroids and PED's. This after who knows how many lives have been destroyed. Oddly, this only happened after Chris Benoit's murder and suicide of his family and himself forced the issue into the front page.

Now after pro sports has dealt with all it's other traumas and dramas, it is finally taking care of business and cleaning up their druggy mess.

That is, if you call suspending Dallas Cowboys' quarterback coach Wade Wilson for 5 games after he tested "dirty" for HGH cleaning up. Seems Wilson has been taking HGH to increase the quality of his life in his battle against diabetes.

I'm no doctor (I just play one on the internet), and don't know how valid the HGH therapy excuse is. I do know that the Cowboys needed to beef up their quarterback coaching and therefore kind of see why they took this shortcut.

They had Drew Bledsoe last season and then replaced him mid season with powerhouse Tony Romo. That ended well, didn't it? Oh that's right, he ended the season with a muffed field goal hold.

Roger Goodell is the one that has stepped on himself. The NFL's new Commissioner came into his job kickin' butt and taking names. Seemed like a good move at the time, but then he showed he wasn't as bad as he had acted when he waited around on the Michael Vick petting zoo situation until it was politically safe to act. Now he suspends a QB coach.

What's next, are they going to make Jimmy the ball boy pee in a cup because he has increased the distance he can throw the ball underhand to the ref?

Just Say No.