Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Breaking Down the AL MVP

posted by BiCoastal Bias

Money Mouth already gave you the lowdown as to how the sports writers are making this year's MVP races ridiculous. Now I'm going to bring the argument back into the rational world, starting with the American League. And for those who doubt that I have the chops, don't forget that I almost perfectly capped the 2006 award around this time two year's ago.

Now, as I as I did then, I say the discussion should start and end with run production. When it comes time to decide who is the best free agent, those average stats like OPS are important, but the MVP argument starts with what you brought to the table. Usually run production is calculated as Runs Scored + RBI's - HR's. For this discussion, I won't subtract out homeruns, since MVP voters like to see more of that stat anyway, I won't have to factor it in later. In the A.L., here are the top 7 players with at least 170 runs plus RBIs as of last night's games:

  1. Josh Hamilton - 199
  2. Carlos Quentin - 195
  3. Justin Morneau - 180
  4. Aubrey Huff - 174
  5. Ian Kinsler - 173
  6. Nick Markakis - 172
  7. Kevin Youkilis - 170
For you A-Rod lovers out there, he came in 12th on this list, barely deserving of consideration as far as I'm concerned. Shockingly to probably everyone, there are two Orioles on this list, and a third came in eighth.

The problem with the way that the MVP is currently discussed, is that journalists want to first narrow down the field based on non-statistical elements such as who is going to the playoffs, who is the only bit hitter in their team's lineup, etc., and then they start talking about statistics. I say we narrow down the field with statistics first, and then we'll talk intangibles.

I think this race really does come down to just Hamilton and Quentin. They are head and shoulders about the rest of the AL sluggers, as the tally above points to. They're both in the top 4 in HRs and RBIs, both hitting above .290, both actually play the field, and as for the often overlooked stat (but pretty important when you think about it) of runs scored, Quentin is third and Hamilton is 12th.

So after looking at the numbers, you could easily make a case for either of these guys, but only one is looking at a potential playoff spot, and that's Carlos Quentin of the Chicago White Sox. When the end of the season rolls around, if Chicago is still heading to the playoffs, then I'd expect the MVP voting to look like 1. Quentin, 2. Hamilton.

However, should Chicago fall in the A.L. Central, then we have a new situation at hand. Now these two players should be compared straight up. Keep in mind, Hamilton's Texas Rangers are not a bad team even though they are out of the playoff hunt. He has them hovering around .500 and second place in the west, something the Rangers never did during Alex Rodriguez's tenure there, even in his MVP season of 2003 when the Rangers completed their fourth straight last place finish. So there is absolutely no reason Hamilton should be penalized for the Rangers position, unless it comes in the form of rewarding another player whose team is in the playoffs.

Continuing with this scenario, if Chicago falls, that means the Minnesota Twins are in, and if Morneau (number 3 on the list above) has an above average month of September, then we've got a three way MVP race on our hands.

Keeping all of this in mind, here is BiCoastal Bias's current MVP ranking, (and yes, K-Rod deserves to be on the ballot for shattering Thigpen's saves record, he just doesn't deserve to win).
  1. Carlos Quentin (CWS) 35 HR, 100 RBI, .979 OPS
  2. Josh Hamilton (Tex) 28 HR, 116 RBI
  3. Justin Morneau (Min) 20 HR, 102 RBI
  4. Kevin Youkilis (Bos) 90 RBI, .957 OPS
  5. Francisco Rodriguez (LAA) Ridiculous amount of Saves
  6. Jermaine Dye (CWS) 32 HR, 82 RBI
  7. Ian Kinsler (Tex) 102 Runs, .319 average, 26 SB
  8. Aubrey Huff (Bal) 28 HR, 91 RBI
  9. Milton Bradley (Tex) 1.035 OPS
  10. Alex Rodriguez (NYY) 28 HR, .980 OPS
There are three Texas Rangers on this list, and I can see how this will be used against Josh Hamilton, but it's pretty tough to quantify little things like that. The Rangers lead the majors in runs scored, so it should be no surprise that several of their hitters are having career years. There is one glaring omission from the list, and that is anyone from the Tampa Bay Rays. What can you say about this, clearly the Rays are playing team ball, they've lost Longoria, Crawford, and Percival to the D.L. and they haven't missed a beat. So while the Rays are missing out on the individual awards, they won't mind as long as they keep playing so well as a team.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Olympics Top 3

posted by BiCoastal Bias

I, like most of you, have been watching a lot of Olympics lately, so here are my top 3 thoughts from the twenty-ninth olympiad.

  1. Gymnastics will only break your heart. Since the Olympics only comes round once every four years, I figure it won't kill me to watch a little gymnastics. And every Olympics, I'm reminded of just how frustrating this sport is to watch. This year they've changed the scoring system, but the same old problems remain. The judging makes no sense. I think we the fans should be entitled to see a detailed report from each judge as to why they gave the score they gave. Otherwise, this sport comes off as a gigantic scam, which is unfortunate because of the amazing things the gymnasts are doing out there.
    Here is an idea that I think the sport of gymnastics should seriously consider - narrow the field down to the top 4, and then turn the competition into a gymnastic game of H-O-R-S-E. Let's say we're doing floor exercises. One at a time, each gymnast takes turns doing his/her one trick or combination. The rest of the gymnasts try to mimic it, if they fail, they get a letter, last one standing wins. It totally takes the judging aspect out of it, we just need a panel to confirm that the gymnast succeeded or failed - it's a thumbs up or thumbs down.
    Don't even get me started on their ridiculous tie-breaking system.
  2. Michael Phelps is the best ever, but . . . do we really need an interview with him every single night? After every gold medal it was the same question from Andrea Kramer, "Tell us what makes this medal so important to you." I can't blame NBC, though, Phelps was absolutely the most talked about man in the first half of the Olympics, and just the promise of hearing him talk kept me tuning in every night. The thing I keep hearing from regular folks is how much we hope he's clean - it would be devastating to find out that this guy was on the juice. I also hope he's got a therapist lined up to help him deal with the post-Olympic let down that he experienced last time. I am actually very excited to hear him say he's going to keep competing and maybe add some new events, such as the backstroke. It is very cool to hear a top athlete say he just wants to keep challenging himself.
  3. The Chinese. I am not a person who swells with nationalistic fervor - but the Olympics will bring that out of anyone. And this year, it is the Chinese who have got me fired up, simply because I'm sick of the U.S. losing to them! Sure, we have more overall medals, but they are crushing us in golds. I am especially looking forward to Thursday's gold medal volleyball match - simply in hopes that a Misty May spike might end up planted in Tian Jia or Wang Jie's face. If China ends up beating us in beach volleyball - a sport properly played in bikinis, how much more American can you get? - then their domination will be complete.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sports Douche Of The Week

posted by Knowledge Droppings

I cannot believe that MoneyMouth tried to steal my feature. I was just about to post a SDOTW when I saw that he tried to rip it from me.

Anyway this week's award goes to no other than the Dodger's bitter 2nd baseman, Jeff Kent. It seems that tough guy Kent decided to diss sports icon and Hall Of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully.

Ty Cobb thinks Jeff Kent is too tightly wound.

What is Kent thinking? And what is wrong with his psyche that he has to taint what probably will be a Hall Of Fame career by acting like he's 2?

L.A. Times columnist T.J. Simers interviewed Kent and commented on the fact that since outfielder Manny Ramirez arrived and batted after Kent that he had been batting .500. Then Kent, referring to Scully stating the same fact during a broadcast, said "Vin Scully talks too much." He then went on to say that people saying that (batting in front of Manny helped his performance) diminished his career and his hard work.

He went ahead and threw a verbal jab at the media while he was at it.

"It's so pathetic," he said. "You guys write about things happening in a week's time. That's why we don't like you. Baseball is a six-month game."

Wow, thanks for the clarification JK. Seems you preferred being on a crappy team (last season) where you could be the top guy in the clubhouse, ragging on the young guys and poisoning the chemistry amongst the younger studs whose talent intimidated you.

You just don't like it when people come up on you while you're in your rocker knitting shawls.

Barry Bonds was better than you in San Fran. Manny is definitely better than you and a million times more fun to watch. Instead of riding the gift horse that management provided you in your last season (his batting average has risen 20 points since Manny joined the team), you looked it square in the mouth all the while acting like the other end of that same horse.

Then you choose to take away any doubt that you're a jerk by disrespecting baseball royalty in Mr. Scully.

Enjoy your award Kent.

Story Source

Peyton Manning.........Olympian?

posted by IntrinsicBent

The Olympics has this nation whipped into an athletic frenzy right about now. I saw Dwyane Wade comment on camera that Michael Phelps is the most outstanding athlete in the world. High praise from a championship ring wearing baller like Wade.

It appears that it is making at least one other championship athlete jealous to not be included in battling to stand on the apex of the trophy stand.

In the video below, Peyton Manning seems to have taken up the cause to get American style football into the Olympic games.

At first I thought it was one of his tongue in cheek ads he deluged us with last year. But after checking around the site that shows up on the video, I think he's serious. He wants in.

I originally found this vid here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

And the MVP Goes To...Who?

posted by MoneyMouth

Since we are hitting mid-August, you knew it was only a matter of time before the baseball MVP discussion began to turn serious and baseball writers began to make their annual discussions about who "deserves" to be called the MVP. And like clockwork, Hall of Fame baseball reporter Peter Gammons has gotten the ball rolling with his ESPN column, making the case for Cubs rookie catcher, Geovany Soto, for NL MVP. Jayson Stark beat him out on the topic by discussing the AL MVP 5 days earlier (although, he was posed the question on That's Debatable, which makes me want to believe it wasn't his fault), debating between Josh Hamilton and Carlos Quentin. For the record, he chose Carlos Quentin.

While I'm not opposed to prognosticating MVP awards and making cases for our favorites to win, I'm a little tired of the direction the MVP discussion takes, especially when trying to negate certain players from the discussion. Essentially, the whole debate has somehow gotten twisted and turned upside down and as a result, random criteria has been inserted to determine who should win the award. In no particular order, here are the 3 things that must be fulfilled for a player to be seriously considered for the MVP:
  1. Your team must make the playoffs, or come really close (and if you make it against all odds, that's even better).
  2. You must be the most valuable player on your own team. In other words, you better hope there isn't someone on your team that has done something semi-remarkable during the year, or else you're toast.
  3. No pitchers allowed, and God help you if you are a closer.
I'm sure you're familiar with these talking points because they appear every year the MVP is debated. In fact, both Gammons and Stark use these commonly employed persuasive tools to discount people like Josh Hamilton and Alex Rodriguez.

Rule number one plays against Josh Hamilton since his team is currently 15.5 games out of first place. This rule should be nicknamed the Texas rule, as A-Rod fell victim to it throughout his tenure there. I suppose the logic is that if his team wasn't able to compete for a playoff spot, then his offensive output didn't do much for his team in the long run and therefore his presence was not "valuable" to his team.

Rule number two is used against A-Rod's current MVP candidacy. Stark says that Mike Mussina has been more valuable to the Yankees than their 3rd baseman. This argument plagues candidates with teammates who have accomplished something semi-remarkable, like played more than 2 positions during the year, consistently produced with runners in scoring position, or put in several quality starts.

And finally, rule number three is used against Mike Mussina (and all pitchers for that matter), who is apparently more valuable than A-Rod, but is unofficially disqualified from the award because pitchers have their own award: the Cy Young. And even if you are going to consider a guy like Mussina, don't even bring up Francisco Rodriguez who has had a better year than Mussina. I don't care how many saves he has and how valuable that makes him to his team. He's a closer, and closers only go out for 70 innings a year and half the time they are given cushy leads to finish the game.

Well, I think you get the idea: the arguments go round and round until we are left with a strong leader for a team that somehow made it to the playoffs against all odds and who also has some obscure statistic to support his MVP status despite the majority of his numbers being sub-par in comparison to his strongest competition. In other words, enter Geovany Soto, who could win the MVP based on catching for a variety of good pitchers and producing decent offensive numbers for a playoff caliber team.

The MLB MVP: oh, what joy.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Sports Douche of the Week

posted by MoneyMouth

It's time to bring back a little segment we here at the Frappe have grown to love. This week's award goes to the Spain Olympic basketball team which is apparently made up of a bunch of racists. Exhibit A:

Yes, that's a group of men doing the kindergarten "slant eyes" for their picture prior to the Beijing Olympics. This just came to my attention the other night thanks to Chelsea Handler, from E!'s Chelsea Lately.

My favorite joke came from comedian Loni Love who said, "They're lucky they made of the Chinese because if they would have worn some afros and some watermelons, they would've got their ass kicked."


That's Not Baseball

posted by MoneyMouth

The U.S. Olympic baseball team lost yesterday to Cuba, 5 to 4, in extra-innings in what should be called an imitation of what baseball is supposed to be. After 10 innings of knotted baseball, the game headed into the first instance of the Olympic tiebreaker system, also known as the bizarro world.

In the Olympic bizarro baseball world, when teams are tied after 10 innings each team starts their half-inning with runners on first and second and no outs. The manager is also allowed to start their lineup at any place they choose. Cuba scored two runs in the top of the 11th, and the U.S. only managed to score one, losing this joke of a tiebreaker system, not to mention losing one of their players (Jayson Nix) to a fouled pitch that came up and struck him in the eye.

Did someone forget to tell the Olympic committee that baseball already has a tiebreaker system? It's called extra-innings, and quite honestly it's worked just fine for about a 100 years.

...and then again...

Maybe this is what the MLB All-Star game should be doing. After ten innings of knotted baseball, start each half-inning with an additional runner on base until in the 13th inning (and there after) the bases are loaded. And if it's really needed, start adding outs after the 13th inning. It would be perfect! We've already established that the All-Star game is a parody of itself, why not make the game they play a parody of the game they play during the regular season? I'm just saying, it would be a lot better than the ridiculous paradoxical system we have in place right now.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

US Soccer Fails Again

posted by MoneyMouth

I hate to be the broken record here at the Frappe, but the U.S. Soccer team is heading home once again after failing to move onto the quarterfinals of Olympic competition. After starting off strong by beating Japan 1 - 0, and then pulling a draw against the Netherlands (2 - 2), the U.S. needed a win or a draw to move on to the quarterfinals, only to lose to Nigeria Thursday, 2 - 1.

Ceerwan Aziz/ Reuters

While this isn't the end of the road, this once again speaks poorly for the future of American soccer. Another poor showing in tournament play means more dark days ahead for U.S. soccer and the MLS. The only comforting fact is that the Olympic soccer team isn't made up of the same players as the U.S. team that will be playing in World Cup qualifiers and other international tournaments that are coming up.

With that said, my previous prognostication that Olympic soccer was going to disappoint has been proven wrong. Messi stayed in Beijing and Barcelona sort of threw up their hands in a publicity nightmare that would have ensued and encouraged him to represent Argentina well. And the knockout rounds will definitely prove to be thrilling as we could see match ups between some of the "heavyweights." Look out for a Brazil vs. Argentina final that will be sure to entertain.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not For The Squeamish

posted by Travellin' Frappian

I travelled to Arizona this week and while I was there I sampled the sports talk offerings in the greater Phoenix area.

I was listening to XTRA 910 to a guy named Jeff Dean in the afternoon slot who told of a gnarly incident in Olympic weightlifting.

It is best explained by viewing the video of Hungarian lifter Janos Baranyai snatching 326 pounds.

Warning: This is definitely one of those Joe Theisman moments that should not be viewed by the squeamish. Check it out fast before it gets yanked.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

USA Basketball 1 - The World 0

posted by IntrinsicBent

I am really not into the whole Pros vs Joes: The Olympic Edition as much as you might gather from my choice of Blog titles.

Having the benefit of growing up in the 1900's, I know what it was like when our best amateur athletes competed against professionals that were juiced and ate hay in between competitions in their stalls (that's right, I'm talking to you Russia, China, and East Germany).

The Dream Team was fun to watch in 1992 because it was the NBA's MVP Team, except for the bag carrying rookie Christian Laettner. (Why is it again that Shaq wasn't on that team?)
Flash forward to the days when America is no longer dominate on the world's basketball stage and the latest in basketball footwear is tracked via blog. The times they have a changed my friend. And for the better.

The Redeem Team, as they have become known, seem to be off to a solid start after defeating the hosting country's (China) team soundly by a score of 101 - 70 in their first game. I wonder if they will be forced to apologize to China for this as the cycling team had to after donning facemasks to protect their world class athletic bodies from the smog produced from area sweatshops?

For me, this is a yawner event, even though I will dvr this basketball action. This, on my part is more due to me jonesing for basketball action that the WNBA cannot provide, than being intrigued with what the games mean.

I have been disgusted with the use of the event by superstars Lebron James, and Kobe Bryant to put out the warning that they will consider and solicit offers from non NBA leagues, ala Josh Childress.
Here's the breakdown:

NBA Commissioner David Stern should already be losing sleep over LeBron's statement. Without winning a ring, LeBron has taken over as the face of the NBA. He is also the future of the NBA. Even Time magazine placed LeBron on the cover as one of 100 athletes to watch. (It was actually "LeBron James & 99 More Athletes To Watch") To the right of LeBron's face was the caption "Leader of the Redeem Team."

LeBron's statement of going outside the league and country to share his talents (for huge pay) eclipses the conspiracy theories of him hiding out in Ohio until his contract runs dry so he can head to New York. Dave, you better work hard on this.
As far as Kobe? Who cares? By the time his contract runs out, even staunch Lakers' fans will be weary of trying to care. Kobe is very much in the middle of a change of guard in the game that could leave his legacy left wanting. I believe it was John Cougar Mellencamp who once said, "There is nothing more sad or glorious, than generations changing hands."

I am finally of the mind that Kobe needs to win more than one more championship to be in the converstation of "one of the best ever."

Last season's championship run, as great as it was as far as overachieving, reintroduced Los Angeles to the sniveling and talented Jekyll/Hyde kid that when he doesn't get his way yells at those around him and threatens to take his gear and go home.

The Kobe that heads abroad and plays in the Italian league will be very exciting to those fans. But for NBA fans, especially the ones in Los Angeles, they will be getting the Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson coming out of retirement version that is a mere shadow of the former player.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Olympic Soccer Will Disappoint

posted by MoneyMouth

The European Soccer Clubs have won their appeal to withhold players from Olympic competition causing quite a stir among nations who were relying on their younger professional talent to make a bid for gold in Beijing this coming week. The appeal is directly related to players Lionel Messi of Argentina and Diego and Rafinha of Brazil. The reason why these teams have requested to withhold their players is because they don't want to be without their stars as their respective seasons begin. Messi plays for Barcelona, Diego for Werder Bremen, and Rafinha for Schalke. Barcelona and Schalke have added concern because they will be playing their Champions League qualifying matches and failing to reach the group stage would result in the loss of millions of dollars for these clubs.

The appeal overturns the previous ruling by FIFA that mandated that all teams must agree to release any player under 23 for Olympic competition. This overruling could cause for even more clubs to recall their stars, like Ryan Babel of the Netherlands who might also be forced to return to his club in Liverpool. Liverpool was already hesitant to let him play, and now they have the backing to call him back. If a player were to stay in Beijing, it could then be considered a breach of contract.

As an outspoken fan of international play when it comes to soccer, I'm rather discouraged by this appeal that has been made. While I'm aware that Olympic soccer is much different from World Cup soccer given that the teams are made up primarily of players under 23 with 3 roster exceptions, seeing the youth duke it out is what makes it uniquely entertaining. Players like Messi deserve to be seen on the Olympic pitch, and according to this article, Messi is ready to defy his employers and stay in Beijing to play. We can only hope that Barcelona decides to respect his decision.

LeBron James Off to Play for European Ball?

posted by MoneyMouth

Since the Frappe has been keeping you NBA fans up to date regarding the new trend of basketball players going over seas to play professional basketball, it only seems fitting that we bring to your attention this ESPN article that claims that if the price was right, LeBron James might be moving further east than New York come 2010. According to a source close to James, LeBron "would strongly consider playing overseas if he was offered a salary of 'around $50 million a year.'"

While it is certainly a little premature to be entertaining this idea given that James isn't a free agent until after the 2009-2010 season, this really isn't that far-fetched. Since European clubs don't have a salary cap, $50 million a year is a definite possibility. And in light of Josh Childress' $30 million deal over three years, why wouldn't you pay $50 million a year for "The Chosen One?" Relatively, he's worth at least that much. Oh, and if you doubt that James would really consider a deal as big as $50 million a year from a team in Russia or Greece, remember that they may even sweeten the deal by paying his taxes for him just like they are doing for Childress. Now that's a sweet paycheck, especially when you compare it to the measly sub-20 million dollar deal he would be forced to sign if he settled with an NBA team, and that's before taxes.

And in case I have mildly frightened a few of you diehard NBA fans, it only gets worse. While a European club might pay LeBron upwards of $50 million a year, you know he would cash out even bigger via endorsements, especially from his already shoe endorsor, Nike. Let's be honest: Nike doesn't care about the U.S. anymore. Nike has made their niche on American soil and while it's important to keep coming up with new young stars to wear their product, the market has been tapped. The market that Nike really wants is Asia/Europe. So if they can get a player that they endorse to go play over seas for a year or two, they are going to do everything they possibly can to get him to go by throwing more money at him. It's simply smart investing. I mean, his name already has a French sounding ring to it ("le bon" translates to "The Good One," or something like that), how hard would it be to come up with a sweet slogan with that kind of material being handed to you? Just imagine a 5th LeBron being added to the family, only he wears a neck-scarf and a beret. Now that will practically sell itself.

The LeBrons could be welcoming a long lost cousin in 2010: Euro LeBron

With all that said, 2010 is still a full two seasons away, so I suppose all we can do till then is wait and see how Jennings and Childress cash out after their European vacations are over. But be prepared, NBA: the Europeans just might be getting the upper hand in all of this, and that spells a disaster just waiting to happen.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fielder Fights Like a Girl

posted by MoneyMouth

Last night's Milwaukee loss to the Red's was highlighted by a scuffle between Prince Fielder and Manny Parra. Actually, it can be better described as two girlie shoves from Fielder and Parra just taking it like a pansy. I'm not sure who came off looking worse: Fielder for not forming a fist, or Parra for curling up in the fetal position in response to two prissy shoves.

In the end, this is the type of thing that will either bring the Brewers together to make a fight down the stretch for the wild card (I still think the Cubs are too good, plus they are my World Series pick) or tear them a part, which is exactly what happened last year, Aug. 2nd between Johnny Estrada and Manager Ned Yost during a string of losses that dropped them out of first. My money is on a complete decline. History repeats itself people. Don't you forget it.

Monday, August 04, 2008

NCAA Football: Preseason Top 10

posted by BiCoastal Bias

Usually around this time of year, I try to stave off my excitement for football season. I always ignore the preseason games on television, and devote my attention towards the boys of summer.

But let's take one day to get excited about this year's college football season. I'd like to release my own preseason top 10. The USA Today released theirs recently, so I figure it is a good time. I have no idea what you are supposed to base a preseason ranking on - but here it is anyways. My honest opinion of the ten best teams in college football for the upcoming year:

  1. USC
  2. Georgia
  3. Florida
  4. LSU
  5. Ohio State
  6. Missouri
  7. Auburn
  8. Kansas
  9. Virginia Tech
  10. Clemson

Steve Nash and Baron Davis are Step Brothers

posted by MoneyMouth

I guess since Baron Davis signed his new contract with the Clippers, he's had a lot of time on his hands to do movie trailer spoof projects with Steve Nash. Here is their spoof of Step Brothers on

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

For those of you who are wondering, the real Will Ferrell movie is nothing like this, and a tad bit funnier.

Brett Favre Brings Up an Interesting Topic

posted by MoneyMouth

It’s been almost frighteningly obvious how the Sports Frappe has avoided the Brett Favre saga like the plague. I suppose you can say we like to leave the gossip and speculation to companies like ESPN and TMZ. But now the whole saga is being put to rest, sort of, since Brett Favre has been reinstated and is reporting to training camp today. The whole situation definitely leaves Brett and the Packers in an interesting predicament: do you give Brett Favre a chance to win the starting quarterback role, or do you trade him before every team loses interest? But this brings up an even more interesting topic: players’ contracts.

The whole Brett Favre saga has pointed out how lopsided contractual agreements are in the NFL. Under the current policies set up by the NFL, a team can cut a player at any time and not be responsible for that player’s existing contract. This means the cut player receives no severance pay whatsoever (unless there termination was the result of an injury). In the NFL, the only guaranteed money is your signing bonus. So while a team can part ways with a player at any given time for any reason they choose, a player does not have said liberties. Instead, a player who is under contract is under contract until free agency. The only leverage a player has over his team is the dreaded hold-out, which still keeps them under contract, only without pay (and usually a fine).

So in the Brett Favre saga, this becomes crucial because Favre either has to stay retired (although he is still under contract) or he has to return to the Packers. He can stamp his feet and plead and yell all he wants, but the Packers are the ones in the position to determine his fate. What’s most interesting about this is if the Packers stick to the Aaron Rodgers plan and make Favre the most expensive backup quarterback in NFL history. In which case, you have to imagine the Packers would rather cut ties with him than pay him all that money to ride the pine.

Which brings us back to the major conundrum: do you give Brett Favre a chance to start or not? Because if you do, you better hope he makes the starting role before no one wants to trade for a new quarterback. In which case Green Bay will be forced to cut him, which makes him the best deal on the market, especially if you are the Minnesota Vikings. Imagine how thrilled Favre would be to stick it to his former team by jacking them in Minnesota in week 10.

Now that is what I would call sweet revenge.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Danny Way Is Super Human

posted by MoneyMouth

The X-Games have been going on for the past few days and I was able to finally break away to watch a little bit. In case you missed the Big Air competition, it was highlighted by this frightful incident involving Danny Way.

Danny Way Big Air Contest Crash X Games 14 2008

As you can imagine, most people would not be quick to get up from busting their ankles on the lip of a huge ramp after a 25 foot fall like that. The happy ending to this story is that Danny Way did get up, and even took to the ramp again to pull off the same trick, minus the eating crap part. Hats off to you, Danny Way. Unfortunately, you have officially blown your Super Human cover. Bummer.