Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kiffin gets fired

posted by BiCoastal Bias

Lane Kiffin got fired today by Al Davis, owner of the Oakland Raiders. What makes this really news worthy is that Davis is firing Kiffin "with cause," which in NFL-language means Davis won't have to pay him the rest of his contract.

As Chris Mortensen said on ESPN today, "This happens occasionally, usually involving Al Davis." Apparently Davis has actually gotten away with this move before, when the fired coach was Mike Shanahan. I was pretty shocked that an owner could do this at first, but on second thought there's no reason to be surprised, since player contracts aren't guaranteed in the NFL, why should coaches'?

The real question here is: will any veteran NFL coach ever take a job under Al Davis? Davis will forever have to hire young, controversial, rookie coaches. And you can bet that their time in Oakland will only be one stepping stone on to future success they might (or might not) have.

As for Lane Kiffin, my guess is that he won't be out of a job for long. Sticking it to his owner Davis for the last nine months shows that he has the strong will that it takes to make it as a head coach in this league. I'm sure there will be some owner(s) who is willing to take the gamble that Kiffin's problems were more Davis's fault than his. If his career continues to follow the path that Mike Shanahan's has, he won't disappoint.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

What I Would Say If I Were Pete Carroll

posted by IntrinsicBent

A brief post inspiration backstory:

I met with a friend yesterday who is a very vocal USC fan. I see him every Saturday and I was quietly tracking his streak of wearing USC logoed t shirts the last few weeks.

This time when he got out of his car, I could tell he was now looking forward to the NBA season, as he was sporting his favorite NBA team's shirt.

I asked him where his USC shirt was which opened a verbal floodgate of despair and ruined hopes for the season by him. Hehehe..........perfect, I was thinking.

I acted like I was concerned, but made sure I drug him through every detail. Especially since he had almost made me cry (in front of other dudes) in 2005 with his mean spirited diatribes over this game.

I really was bummed since I had hoped there would be a rematch at the end of the season for all the BCS marbles. I just do not have the smack arsenal built up at this early point in the season, especially after witnessing last season's crazy season of upsets and knockoffs.

Our conversation turned to the sham that college football is where, due to no playoffs, it usually means you are perfect.............or frustrated. Teams work hard and then when a loss occurs early on, the goal is most likely unreachable.

We then decided to put on Coach Carroll's sweatshirt and come up with what we would tell the team.

He went first with some good motivational footballisms and the need to play hard for their teammates, and so on.

But I liked what I came up with, as I knew I would, since I am pretty much my biggest fan:

"The only thing we lost this week fellas was the control of our own destinies. Now we will have to rely on outside factors to put us in the position to recover our season's dream. But we must prepare and play hard to put ourselves in position to take advantage if and when that door opens.

But for the rest of this week, I want you to dwell on how bad this loss feels. And resolve within yourself to never feel this way again this season. Then we will put it behind us, and work even harder."

It was all I could do to refrain from dropping a "get back up on that horse" in there. It gives me chills how good that is.

I need to check on the domain name http://www.intrinsiccoachisms.com/. I think I have a future in this.

Marlins Make Mets Flounder.........Again

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And when I say again, I mean for the second year in a row. The "Amazins" failed again to rekindle the fire that earned them that nickname back in the day.

This season and last, the Florida Marlins won the final game ensuring the New York Mets' fate was sealed.

The Marlins beat the Mets today, preventing a possible one game playoff between the Mets and Milwaukee Brewers. The Brewers took care of their business against the Cubs, and find themselves in the playoffs for the first time since 1982.

The final MLB scoreboard for New York:

Closed Legendary Venues: 2

New York Teams In Playoffs: 0

Huge payrolls not guaranteeing post season success........................priceless.

Story Source

Friday, September 26, 2008

Evolution of Football or Bush League?

posted by MoneyMouth

In trying to further my education today by listening to NPR, I heard an interesting story about a unique football offense called the A-11 Offense.  While you are probably familiar with West Coast, Single Wing, Wing-T, or Veer offenses, you've probably never seen anything like this before in your life. 

The A-11 offense thrives on completely spreading out the defense and making the offense completely unpredictable.  In its most basic form, its a two quarterback shotgun formation with 3 wide receivers on each side of the ball and a tight end on each side of the center.  To make the offense more unorthodox and unpredictable, each player wears an eligible number so that depending on the play, the formation can adapt to make any player eligible to catch a pass down field.  That's where the name comes from (i.e. all eleven players potentially eligible).  You still with me? 

For those right-brain learners, here's a video:

As you can see, it basically looks like a kickoff formation for every down.

Its biggest advantage is for schools that are a lot smaller in size, both in number and physically.  The creators of the offense are from Piedmont High in the San Francisco Bay area.  Given their small school size and their tough competition, the A-11 Offense allows them to compete with teams that should blow them out of the water.  Unfortunately, those who are thinking about using the A-11 to their advantage may not have the choice in another year.  The North Carolina High School Athletic Association along with a few other states have already banned the the offense and are moving that it be done so nationally. 

Like Congress didn't have their hands full already.

While I tend to be a purist when it comes to my sports, I do have to say this is got to be the best thing I've seen on the football field since the "swinging gate."  To take this away from a team just because it seems "tricky" is just a refusal to put in the extra hours in order to figure out how to defend it.  I say let the Piedmont's of the world have their offense, and show them how stupid it is by demolishing them.

Probably easier said than done.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yankees Clinch

posted by IntrinsicBent

Today the Yanks clinched............mere mortal status.

For the first time in 13 seasons, the New York Yankees will miss the playoffs.

Ironically, this coincides with the first time the Tampa Bay Rays make the playoffs. The salary spend disparity between the Yanks and Rays is over $150 million.

This sports version redux of David defeating Goliath gives a spark of hope to small market teams like Kansas City and Pittsburgh. Solid scouting and player development in well organized minor leagues combined with solid management can equal success.

Success in small markets is different though from the constant reloading a team like the Yanks effortlessly write checks to do. The Florida Marlins are the case in point here. They've won two World Series which were followed by player loss and fire sales which led them back to their farm development and young talent.

Nonetheless, this season has been a somewhat refreshing power shift in the MLB.

Invite a Yank over to watch the playoffs with you. Make them bring the food though, they can afford it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sports Douche Of The Week: Tampa Bay Rays Fans

posted by Knowledge Droppings

Not sure you can say that Tampa Bay has baseball fans. In fact, their pulses should be checked because I think they're flat lining.

This weekend, Major League Baseball's Tampa Bay Rays secured a slot in the post season for the first time ever in their existence.

Their soft fans showed their excitement for this year's Cinderella season by attending in lackluster numbers, somewhere around 13,000 per game.

Nothing like preparing hard, leaving it out on the filed, winning the close ones, overcoming obstacles, and rising above when the soundtrack is..................................crickets.

John Romano of the St. Pete Times revisits the question of why, in the heat of a pennant race involving the historically dismal Tampa Bay Rays, the home crowd can't do better than 12,678 people for a game.

"And what they see is a community running out of excuses. It's no longer about poor ownership, because Sternberg's (owner) crew has done everything possible to reach out to the fans. And it's no longer about losing because the Rays have been among baseball's best teams for four months.

So if it's not about the team or the owner, then it is an indictment of the market or the stadium location."

Go to this blog to see more info which in part was used for this post. Don't miss the hilarious pie chart.

Pick Your Poison

posted by IntrinsicBent

If you are an NFL fan, then you've seen or heard about this play at least 80 times this week.

It's the blown call by referee Ed Hochuli in a game between the Denver Broncos and San Diego Chargers that gave the game to Denver.

The replay clearly shows the call was botched. It's a drag when officiating interferes with the outcome of a game. I get that.

What I don't understand is the flip flop that goes on regarding the "human element" part of pro sports officiating discussions.

Baseball purists jumped out of their pajamas with the feet in them when late in the season the MLB instituted instant replay on homerun calls. "The human element is part of the game" was their defensive battle cry.

Similar calls were made when the NFL first went to instant replays.

Again, I am NOT defending the call. It stunk, plain and simple. Don't whine both ways is all I am saying.

Ed Hochuli knows he Favred it:

"I'm getting hundreds of e-mails -- hate mail -- but I'm responding to it all," Hochuli wrote to several Chargers fans, according to The San Diego Union-Tribune. "People deserve a response. You can rest assured that nothing anyone can say can make me feel worse than I already feel about my mistake on the fumble play. You have no idea … Affecting the outcome of a game is a devastating feeling. Officials strive for perfection -- I failed miserably. Although it does no good to say it, I am very, very sorry."

How many of you detractors would admit you blew it, much less respond to the heated hate mail? When your advances online get rebuffed, you go running for the next young girl you can lie to about being ten years younger than you actually are, and making your dead end job sound much more successful and lucrative than it is. You don't stand up and explain yourself.

My High School coach would tell the Chargers "If you don't want to be in a position to be beat by a bad call, do something to make sure you don't rely on a call to win a game". Old skool, but very true.

And then there is this from December 2007:

I'm not a karma guy, but will say.........Justice Served.

Information was used from this source for this post.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sports Hero Of The Week: Derek Jeter

posted by Knowledge Droppings

Derek Jeter clinched his spot as modern day Mr. Yankee yesterday when he passed iconic Yank Lou Gehrig's hit record by notching his 1270th.

Yankee haters will hate that Jeter is receiving this award, but could it be more appropriate that in true clutch fashion, Jeter clinches this spot in Yanks history the week before the last game is played in historic Yankee Stadium?

Through thick and thin, the Yankees fans know their short stop and team captain will deliver. He came up through the Yankee organization and anchors a team rife with drama, dynamic personalities, and a very high payroll.

Add Jeter to legends that took the field in Yankee Stadium like Maris, Mantle, Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Murcer, Berra, Rizuto, Jackson, Martin, Stengel, and Torre.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Ultimate Fighter Season 8 Begins Tomorrow

posted by MMA Daddy

Season 8 of the UFC's classic reality series The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) begins tomorrow night on Spike TV at 10 pm.

This latest installment is directly after Spike TV's pay free offering of UFC Fight Night Live at 8 pm.

In order to eliminate the publicity poser phenomenon that plagued the first 6 seasons, Season 8 will have the same "fight for the right" mini tournament at the beginning that proved successful in Season 7. Fighters have to win a fight win a spot on the show.
There will be 16 fighters matching up in each weight class of Lightweight (155 pounds) and Light Heavyweight (205 pounds) in the first two episodes, with the winners of those bouts earning the right to be on the show.

16 fighters will try to coexist in the same house without the outside influences of reading materials, TV, radio, internet, music, or phone contact.

Former Heavyweight (206 - 265 pounds) champ Frank Mir and current interim Heavyweight champ Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will act as coaches for the two teams each consisting of 8 Lightweights and 8 Light Heavyweights. The season will culminate with final bouts for each weight class where the prize is a 6 figure contract in the UFC.

The coaches will matchup soon after the finale at a UFC event to determine who will fight for the Heavyweight title against the winner of the UFC 91 matchup on November 15 against Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture.

This series should prove to be action and drama packed as the mixed martial artists compete to make their UFC dreams a reality. Whether you are a seasoned mma vet or a relative newbie to the sport, this is a great way to get a weekly mma fix.

Smashmouth MMA Site

Act like you've been there . . . but not like that either

posted by BiCoastal Bias

This was my response to DeSean Jackson's would-be touchdown that was overturned during Monday Night Football.

This rookie had his first NFL touchdown overturned because he cavalierly threw the ball down before he even made it into the endzone. Really Desean, is scoring a TD so mundane to you that you couldn't even remember to hold onto the ball until you crossed the goal line? When they tell you to act like you've been there before, I'm pretty sure that's not what they had in mind.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Despite Lame Name, Oklahoma City NBA Franchise Sells First Season Out

posted by IntrinsicBent

The NBA's Oklahoma City Thunder sold out their inaugural season in 5 days. Not hard to understand, since the Thunder are the State Of Oklahoma's only major sport franchise other than OU football.

I struggle with the name. I was hoping when we got rid of the "Supersonics" we would be able to make up for lost lame name time by adding a decent moniker for the relocated team.

You're telling me that a state rich in oil and owned by a modern day oil baron couldn't come up with something oil related?

Or agriculturally oriented?

I know that you can't go anywhere near the whole Indigenous American topic for a sports team, but during history class Oklahoma was always classified as Indian Territory during the Civil War.

What about the large number of goat ropin', rodeo craving bass fisherpeople that represent the OK state?

Are you not concerned about being confused with the boys pictured?

Nonetheless, congratulations on landing an NBA franchise and selling out y'all.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sports Douche Of The Week: Bag Stealin'

posted by Knowledge Droppings

KnowledgeDroppings back again to reveal last week's honoree for The Sports Frappe "Sports Douche Of The Week" award.

Easy choice this past week: Tatum Bell, come on down and get your award.

In case you didn't hear, Tatum Bell allegedly stole new arrival RB Rudi Johnson's bag and took cash and underwear from the bag.

Yeah, I know..........underwear? You stole underwear? Really?!?

Of course Bell denies it, but c'mon.

We've explained it here in The Frappe before with Ruben Rivera (middle of post). Don't steal from a teammate. As a matter of fact, don't steal at all.

Congrats T-Bell!

Tony Romo Has His Work Cut Out For Him

posted by MoneyMouth

Jessica Simpson is getting back into your daily NFL news by talking smack about the Cowboys' next appointment, the Philadelphia Eagles. Her smack went something like this: "Go Cowboys! That's next week! We're gonna kick your buts, too!"

This of course means those who will be watching the MNF match up will get plenty of closeups on Jessica Simpson jumping up and down and popping her gum. Yippie! At least Tony Kornheiser will be entertained.

Don't Mess With My Boy!

posted by MoneyMouth

Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young sits on the bench with ...If you haven't heard the latest Vince Young news, this time it's coming from his mom. Vince Young's mom says that Young is hurting "inside and out" and doesn't want to play football any longer.

This comes in response to last week's game. In the Titans 17 - 10 win over the Jaguars, Young was forced to sit with an injury late in the game and was booed by the crowd in Tennessee. Apparently, someone got their feelings hurt and went straight to their mom to complain and cry.

Okay, that was a low blow. In all seriousness, Young is certainly going through a lot since this is the second time that Young has asserted in one way or another that he has contemplated ending his football career early. He said something similar after his rookie season. For being as talented as he is, one can only infer that Vince Young is struggling with depression since he won the National Championship and moved his skills up to the NFL. Since then, there have been questions about his intelligence, his abilities, and his overall leadership capabilities.

In other words, the dude has been scrutinized and torn a part to a degree that most of us will probably never experience. We can only hope that Vince Young bounces back and resumes his incredible talent on the football field, or else my Madden Football team will be in trouble and I cannot stand for that.

Bashing the Big Ten ... Again

posted by BiCoastal Bias

Most of you have been waiting for me to write this blog since . . . yesterday, probably. It's time for the BiCoastal Bias to weigh in on this Saturday's USC vs. Ohio State match up.

And, as all of you know already, I'm predicting a USC victory. In fact, make that a USC blow out. I could say that this is because of Ohio State's struggles last week and the injury concern regarding the quarterback, but the real reason is that I hate the Big Ten and its inferior form of football.

So, with that taken care of, let's look ahead and see what kind of impact this game will have down the road when it comes time to talk about the BCS and computers and rankings and all of that garbage. If Ohio State loses to USC, and then goes on to run the table in the Big Ten (which is not a given, Penn State looks pretty good right now), the Big Ten lovers will be clamoring that they deserve a spot in the national championship, seeing as how their one loss is to a top ranked team and this should put them above all other one loss teams.

If USC wins in a blowout this weekend, the pollsters, computer systems, and everyone else in college football should deliver a loud and clear *NO* to Ohio State. This team has to show us that something makes them better than they've been the last two years to deserve another shot at the title bout - and this game against USC is a chance for them to do that. But losing handily to USC and then mopping the floor with the Big Ten is just not enough.

Perusing the Big Ten teams' out-of-conference schedules, there are only so many chances for this conference to prove itself against the other BCS conferences. Illinois lost to Mizzou in week one, and other than this Saturday's game against USC, they've got Purdue vs. Oregon this week and Iowa vs. Pittsburgh next week. This might seem like an unfair way to look at it, but there's not much else to do. At this point in time (as long as were stuck with the current non-playoff system), the Big Ten should have to prove to the rest of college football that they're capable of producing a championship caliber football team.

As for the rest of the conferences, the question basically comes down to - How do you measure up to the SEC? Yes, the SEC is still on top, deal with it. I'm looking forward to Texas playing Arkansas this week, although it's still not clear to me if Arkansas would be a victory Texas could brag about; and Arizona State against Georgia next week will be a very interesting match up.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How Do You Say "Get Off The Ice" In Bulgarian?

posted by IntrinsicBent

In the midst of my fear that Lance Armstrong's return to competitive cycling would spark another Favre like tempest of discussion, speculation, and ridiculousness, I came across this story just solid enough to soothe my concerns.

Over the weekend, the Bulgarian women's hockey got served 82-0 in a 2010 Winter Olympics women's ice hockey qualifier match against Slovakia.

I know, three questions ensue:

1) Why are qualifiers for the 2010 Olympics being played already?

2) Was there not a big Bulgarian chick anywhere in the house that they could have sat in goal?

3) Drug test please?

Here's the hilarious score by period: 1st Period - 31-0; 2nd Period - 55-0; 3rd Period - 82-0.

I have to admit that I wish the NHL would look into what contributed to Slovakia's success. A little more offense could only help Commissioner Gary Bettman's league.

If you were Slovakian, was there ever a good time to head to the bathroom? With scoring at that level, I wonder if any goals were scored between periods from the locker room?

Story Source

Monday, September 08, 2008

A Little Reactionary

posted by BiCoastal Bias

I'm pretty sure every sports fan has heard by now that Tom Brady will have surgery on his injured left knee and miss the rest of the season. You've probably also heard members of the sports media drastically over react to this news. Let's set some things straight.

  1. This was not a dirty play. I saw some Patriots quoted in the paper this morning claiming this very fact. Quarterbacks get hit like this about 3 times a game, and it's never called a cheap shot then. So the one time out of 200 when that quarterback gets hurt, it shouldn't be any different. Carson Palmer got hurt on a very similar play in the playoffs a couple years back, and we heard the same thing. It's a freak injury, people, get over it.
  2. The Patriots will still make the playoffs. I've read some sources by writers who think the Patriots can't win more than eight games. Have you seen their schedule? I'd say they have eight automatic wins, and you know they're not going to give any games away. If you think about it, every game they play will be better for them than the game they just won against the Chiefs. Brady leaving the field completely took the air out of the team, Randy Moss even said he kept checking the tunnel for Brady every time the crowd made a noise. From here out, they'll have time to gain confidence in Matt Cassell (or whoever else they find between now and next week). And don't forget, it was only last year that Brady became the center of this team. Up until then, the Patriots were known for great defense and conservative offense.
  3. The AFC isn't that wide open. Yes, the Jets now have a much better chance at winning the division, but no other AFC team's outlook is significantly altered by Brady's injury. There are still powerhouses in every division. Just because the Colts and the Chargers lost week one games doesn't mean the standings are going to turn themselves upside down.
  4. And while I'm at it, how 'bout some Monday Night Football notes . . .
    As for Mike & Mike doing the announcing for the second game - guys, I love your radio show, but you're terrible in the booth. I'm sorry, I tell the truth because I care.
    Can someone tell me why Tavaris Jackson is so consistently bad? He can run, he can throw, he appears to have all the tools. So why can't he complete passes to his own team?
    The Aaron Rodgers era has begun in Green Bay, and he had a great game. But everytime the camera closed in on him I kept asking myself - Is that Ryan from The Office?

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Iceman Gets Knocked Out In 2nd Round

posted by MMA Daddy

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Chuck "The Iceman" Liddell (21-5) got knocked out at tonight's UFC 88:Breakthrough, which was held in Atlanta, Georgia.

Although his opponent Rashad Evans (16-0-1) is undefeated in the UFC and 10 years Liddell's junior, this was still a huge upset by most standards in mixed martial arts.

The 1st round was a slow one with much measuring by each fighter of their opponent. The 2nd started with more action and at 3:10 in the 2nd, Evans flashed an exaggerated left fake left leading Liddell to throw an uppercut that missed, and a sweeping right hand by Evans delivered a solid one punch KO to the Iceman, leaving him unconcious for quite some time on the canvas.

Evans won the second installment of the UFC's reality TV series "The Ultimate Fighter" in late 2005. "Sugar" Rashad Evans has put together an impressive string of wins including one draw during his time in the UFC.

This is the 2nd groundbreaking performance recently by a TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) reality show veteran in the lightweight division. Earlier this summer, Season 1 winner Forrest Griffin won the title in an impressive win against veteran and fierce mma fighter Quentin "Rampage" Jackson.

Rashad Evans fights out of the Greg Jackson led fight camp in Albuquerque, Jackson's Submission Fighting.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Sports Frappe Debate Club: Are The Yankees Missing The Playoffs Because They Let Joe Torre Leave?

posted by Knowledge Droppings

Knowledge Drops in the Frappe House to pose the question on a lot of your minds.

Unless the Red Sox and Rays decide to stop playing the rest of the regular season Major League Baseball games, the Yankees will miss the playoffs for the first time in 13 years.

Is this downturn in performance because the Yankees basically dismissed ex Manager Joe Torre and let him leave?

And now a word from our geniuses:

BiCoastal Bias: The answer is a clear cut yes, Joe Torre would have been the difference maker that sent this team to the playoffs.
The most obvious other factor to blame is the injuries that the Yankees have had, Steinbrenner said this himself a few weeks ago. But every winning ball club in the American League has dealt with their fair share of injuries to major contributors. This is a hurdle that the Yankees, with Joe Torre at the helm, would have overcome.

The simple reason is that this team looks a lot like last year's team: 2007 ERA 4.49 vs. 2008 ERA 4.36; 2007 Avg. .290 vs. 2008 Avg. .272. I will admit that there are a handful of guys who were undoubtedly having better years last year than this year - but for every major subtraction, there has been an addition. This year, the Matsui and Posada injuries have really hurt the team, but they've had Giambi playing every day which they didn't have last year, and Damon, despite his brief injury, is having a much better year this year. We haven't even mentioned picking up Xavier Nady at the deadline, and he has done everything expected of him.

They've been missing Chien-Ming Wang this year, as well as Roger Clemens; but the resurgence of Mike Mussina, and putting Chamberlain in the starter's role have made up for that. (Remember that Chamberlain pitched less than 20 innings all of last year.) The collapse of Melky Cabrera has been a major blow, but the manager must take some responsibility for the confidence of his young players.

This year's trade for Ivan Rodriguez, sending Kyle Farnsworth to Detroit, has turned out to be ill-advised, and we can't hold manager Joe Girardi responsible for that one. But this team is on pace to finish about 7 games behind where they finished (for the wild card) last year. They'll probably miss the playoffs by a similar margin. If you were one of those willing to hold Joe Torre responsible for three straight divisional series losses; then you should definitely be holding Girardi responsible for missing the playoffs this year.

This team is not the offensive juggernaut they were last year. If they were, we'd have nothing to talk about, because Girardi probably would have cruised to the playoffs. But over the 12 straight playoff appearances that Torre oversaw, he proved that he would push a team to do just what it takes to make it into October. There's no doubt in my mind that he would have done the same thing in 2008 if he were still wearing pinstripes.

IntrinsicBent: Joe Torre is more responsible for the Dodgers being on the cusp of making this year's playoffs than his absence is in the Yankees missing them.

New York (The City) can be wrapped up in a single word.............Drama. And it's definitely no different for their sports teams. It's true Joe Torre was the calming, confident foundation of the Yankees dynastic success during his tenure.

This season saw maybe a higher level of drama, if that's even possible, than normal for the Yankees team.

You had the steroid issue affecting pitchers Roger Clemens and Andy Pettite before the season started. The Steinbrenner clan decided to jockey for juice position with GM Brian Cashman. Then the youth minority in the pitching ranks fell victim to the injury and underperformance bug.

Having played for, and coached with Torre, current Yanks Manager Joe Girardi was a great hiring of a younger Torre protege. But he does not have the experience and lines in his face that players can stabilize themselves around.

The Yankees problems have taken longer to roost than what they should have. Paying for talent sometimes at the sacrifice of chemistry and minor league player development, egotistic ownership that use the rabid media like a whip, and allowing their team to become top heavy with age are the main culprits in the current Yankees team demise.

The decision to cut a manager because he could only get them in the playoffs and not win the ring for 7 years, and then not even make the playoffs the next year is just the cherry on top.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

MLB Replay First Used

posted by BiCoastal Bias

The umpires assigned to the Yankees vs. Rays series became the first to use instant replay last night; confirming the call they made on the field concerning an Alex Rodriguez homerun. The umpire crew chief had this to say about the decision to use instant replay:

“If there had been no argument, obviously we wouldn’t have because all four of us believed the call was correct on the field,” Reliford said. “Because he disputed it, and it was very close, and now the technology is in place, we used it.”
At this point, I don't have a significant opinion on the implementation of instant replay in major league baseball. But I am concerned about the decision making process for when to use it. The quote above ought to give Major League Baseball pause. If it's just a matter of whether or not the manager is going to argue or not, we've got a problem. Let's face it, there are some surly managers out there (see Ozzie Guillen), and when they're in a bad mood, they might force you (or try and force you) to go to the replay booth whenever possible. Of course, if you don't grant them what they want, you'll probably have to toss them out of the game, which just goes to show, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

I just think a bit more thought needs to be put into this.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

High Flying Jayhawks

posted by MoneyMouth

You have to imagine that the University of Kansas is probably a little embarrassed by the news that former stars of the 2008 NCAA championship team Mario Chalmers and Darrell Arthur have been thrown out of rookie camp after being caught with some ladies and marijuana in their hotel room. As a result, both players will be fined $20,000 apiece, will have to attend rookie camp next year, and could possibly start the regular season on the suspended list.

Are his eyes bloodshot here?

I suppose the only people who might be more embarrassed aside from these two Jayhawks and their former university is the University of Memphis. I mean, how would it feel to know that the guy who sank the clutch shot to send the championship game into overtime was probably motivated by a case of the munchies. I'm just saying, everyone knows the championship team post-game spread is way better than the runner-up's, and it's a known fact that if you got a case of the munchies, you will do anything to get your hands on some funyuns.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My Trip to Chase Field

posted by MoneyMouth

On my trip to Arizona, I was privileged to make a visit to Chase Field to see the D-Backs get creamed by the Cardinals. Even more interesting aside from being in such a massive baseball stadium and sitting in a suite with Hall of Famer Ferguson Jenkins was what I saw outside the stadium. Leading up to the stadium entrance, I was observing the inscribed bricks, dedicated to various people with meaningful epitaphs when this one caught my eye.

I don't care who you are; that's funny.