Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Game Day Post

posted by BiCoastal Bias

Ohio State vs. Michigan: I just got done watching the closing minutes of Ohio State's shellacking of Michigan. I can't help but feel like I'm also watching the dying gasps of this rivalry. The announcers keep reminding us that this Michigan team will be a lot further along next year. But still, this team just finished their worst season in school history, and Rich Rodriguez continues to mystify us with his bizarre quotables that make the rest of us think - "Does he know what he's doing?"

I'm sure that Michigan will be competitive again soon, but this blogger has some pretty strong doubts about next year.

Oregon State vs. Arizona: I was pumped about tonight's Oklahoma / Texas Tech match up, up until about midway through the first quarter. It became clear (very quickly) that Oklahoma's defense actually prepared for this game, something I thought was against the rules in the Big 12. So I flipped over to this Pac 10 match up, where it appeared that another team's BCS dreams were coming crashing down. Oregon State needed a win against Arizona, and another win next week against Oregon and they'd be heading to the Rose Bowl. But their kicker missed a game tying extra point with only four minutes left.

Oregon State's defense got them the ball back, and their offense got them back down inside the ten, where kicker Justin Kahut redeemed himself and won the game. I am now officially rooting for Oregon State. I think it would be a nice change of pace to see a Rose Bowl match up of them versus Penn State. And besides, USC is basically guaranteed some other BCS invitation, so it's not like they are getting snubbed, we might even see an especially great match up in some other bowl game: USC vs. the SEC runner up? Or maybe USC vs. Texas? That would be awesome.

Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma I'm writing this at halftime, but I'm gonna go ahead and assume Oklahoma holds on to win, and this is exactly the scenario I warned about a couple weeks ago. Each of the three teams involved still has a game to play next weekend, with Oklahoma facing the toughest challenge against Oklahoma State. But, assuming each of them takes care of business, I think we'll see Oklahoma advance to the Big 12 championship game. As I said in the previous post, the team with the best BCS ranking will advance. The thing giving Oklahoma the edge, in my opinion, is their non-conference wins against Cincinnati (who appears to be on their way to winning the Big East) and TCU (who've been ranked for most of the season).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Big Twitter

posted by IntrinsicBent

A fugazi Shaq had been twittering (a microblogging form of communication) as if he were the Big Aristotle. This bent the big man in the desert the wrong way so he decided to begin twittering himself.

His ID is THE_REAL_SHAQ, and if this is not legit, then the perpetrator has the Shaq character down.

Some interesting tweets:

"Question were is dikembe mutumbo??"

"Stuart scott from espn said greg oden looks 42 , lol dats funny"

"At the barber shop, gotta b sexy for the game tomorro. Us supermodels always have to stay fine, lol "

"Theres a tear in my eye rt now, thinking about the great pete newell. What a tremendous person"

Great stuff.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Don't Get Hung Up On The WWE Part

posted by MMA Daddy

Last weekend, there was a momentous shift in the MMA (mixed martial arts) world.  Collegiate wrestling champion and WWE star Brock Lesnar beat legendary UFC Hall of Fame champion fighter Randy Couture in the 2nd round of what was scheduled to be a 5 rounder to take the UFC Heavyweight title at UFC 91.  Oh, and did I mention that it was only Lesnar's 4th professional MMA bout?

That's not an indictment on the sport of MMA, but rather it speaks to the awesome natural talent and raw power that Lesnar possesses.  If he keeps working at rounding out his game, he may stay champion for quite some time.

Let's deal with the 800 pound gorilla that's sitting in the room.  Lesnar to this point has been best known as a professional wrestler.  MMA is a far cry from pro wrestling.  Keep in mind that Brock Lesnar was the NCAA collegiate champion in his weight division in 2000, after being runner up in 1999.  The fact that he took the big payday offered up by pro wrestling was due to factors of the day where collegiate wrestling studs worked hard to reach the top of their game only to run out of competitive options.  They could continue wrestling greco roman and freestyle tourneys, shoot for the Olympics every four years, and coach wrestling.  All the while sleeping on someone's couch.

Or they could "wrestle" professionally and get paid.

But today is a new day, and I believe we will see other pro wrestlers try their hand at this gladiator sport (Kurt Angle is rumored to want in).  This phase will be brief and then drop off.  And you won't see another pro wrestler accomplish what Lesnar will.  Not even close.

In the future you will see legitimate wrestling competitors cross train in mma and transition to the sport to satisfy their lust for competition and testing themselves after college, as well as for the ever increasing paydays.  You will also find youth training in mma at younger ages which is already occuring.

Brock Lesnar is an albino hulk of a man that had to have special gloves made by the UFC to cover his huge mitts.  Regardless of his past, he has achieved much very quickly through hard work.  Now we will see what he does with the mantle that has been passed to him.

In the hugest twist of irony possible, the internet is buzzing with WWE fanatics who are upset with Brock's recent accomplishment, referring to it as not an accomplishment that is.............................real.

Crazy Soccer

posted by MoneyMouth

Only in soccer would you get a story like this. A soccer team that plays in the Italian top division reportedly dropped trow during a free kick in order to distract the goalie and it worked. Giuseppe Mascara lined up the kick and scored in Catania's 3-2 victory thanks to the efforts and fancy undergarments of several of his teammates.

Now, you would assume this would be some sort of thing that might happen on a whim. The players line up, one of the players decided to be funny, some others join in, and before anyone really realizes what is going on, it works. But these guys are professionals at their sport, and professionals practice. Apparently, this is a "strategy" that Walter Zenga, the coach of Catania, has his team practice on a regular basis in training. I must say, that's a little creepy.

But this got me thinking, what other sports would "dropping trow" be an effective strategy? Any thoughts?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Attention Super Models: Give Matt Cassell a Chance

posted by BiCoastal Bias

To all you super models who read our blog, and I know there's a handful, it's time to give Matt Cassell a call. In case you haven't heard, he's the new starting quarterback of the New England Patriots, and we know how much you love men in that position. Moreover, he orchestrated his first last second comeback last night: completing an impossible pass on the run to Randy Moss in the endzone to send the Thursday night game into overtime.

Unfortunately, he didn't get a chance to win the game, as the defense gave up a field goal on the first possession. Still, we are not talking long term commitment here, ladies, just give the guy a chance.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

BCS Picture Getting Clearer . . . Or is it?

posted by BiCoastal Bias

There are a lot of reasons to think that the road to the BCS championship game got a lot clearer this weekend. But has last year taught us nothing? With Penn State losing todya, it certainly looks like the top two spots will come down to the winner of the SEC and the winner of the Big 12 South division. But as long as there are more games to be played, there is still the potential for chaos.

Let's start with the SEC. Alabama, currently undefeated and with a number one ranking, has already secured a spot in the SEC championship game. They have two games left against Mississippi State and then rival Auburn. Don't forget that Auburn has a six game winning streak against Alabama, and they would love to keep that streak alive while ruining Bama's perfect season. Florida has also secured its place in the SEC championship against Alabama. They have three games left, finishing their season against a ranked Florida State team. It's hard to imagine anyone knocking off Florida the way they are playing right now.

So assuming these two teams win out before getting to their conference playoff game, the winner between the two of them will definitely be representing at the national championship game. But what if they don't? What if Florida takes a loss to Bobb Bowden & Co. and then goes on to beat Alabama? Or what if Auburn knocks off Alabama in the Iron Bowl and then Alabama still wins the SEC? Both of these scenarios leads to the first national championship game without an SEC representative since four years ago.

Now to the Big 12. I'm currently watching Texas Tech finish off Oklahoma State (Michael Crabtree is a man among boys, it should be said). All eyes will be on Tech's game against Oklahoma next weekend. If Tech wins, and finishes off Baylor in the final week, they'll head to the championship game against Mizzou, most likely. But if Oklahoma wins, (and I predict they will), we could end up with a three team tie in the Big 12 south - Tech, Oklahoma, and Texas. Whoever has the best BCS ranking will advance to the conference championship. This will be a complete crapshoot for these three teams. Unfortunately for Tech, they don't stand a chance in this scenario. They don't have an impressive win that the other two teams don't have. Meanwhile, Oklahoma beat TCU who have had a fantastic season, while Texas beat Mizzou. It might come down to where these un-common opponenents fall in the rankings to decide who advances.

Any way you spin it, one of these three teams will be playing for the Big 12 championship with a chance to go to the national championship game. The only way the Big 12 doesn't end up with a top 2 team is if Mizzou (or Kansas, potentially) knocks off the south representative.

So there you have it - the roads to the BCS, and the potentials for chaos. And who is hoping to swoop in should chaos occur? USC, Utah, Boise State.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

New X Games Event Tested In The AZ

posted by IntrinsicBent

I hate to have fun at the expense of someone else's problems..........................but here I go:

Don't go jogging in Prescott, Arizona. I know, the fresh open air, the scenery, the invigoration of accomplishment of travelling somewhere during your workout.........I get it. (Actually I don't).

But fight the feeling and just jog it out on a treadmill......indoors. I beg you.

You see, it's rabid fox season in Prescott, as one woman jogger found out. But as far as I'm concerned you can give the scoreboard and a complimentary pair to the jogger in this story.

It seems that while running on a trail, a rabid fox attacked the jogger and bit her on the foot. The jogger then grabbed the fox by the neck and the fox clamped down on her arm.

This is where it gets weird good, for us readers anyway.

The jogger evidently didn't want to get shots if she didn't have to, so she decided she was gonna take Mr. Rabid Fox to get tested for rabies.

Problem was, she was a mile away from her car at the time. She then made a decision that the 300 Spartan warriors wouldn't have made and ran back to her car, with her mitt clamped around the the fox' throat, AND THE FOX CLAMPED DOWN ON HER ARM!!! For a MILE!

She gets back to the car, tosses and locks Brer Frothing Fox in her trunk and takes herself to the hospital.

The fox later scored again when he bit an animal control worker, necessitating that the jogger and the animal control worker get treated for rabies.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Al Davis Is Certifiable

posted by IntrinsicBent

To even post on this is straight up redundancy again.

In a surprise (senile) move today, Al (Darth) Davis decided to waive cornerback DeAngelo Hall after he played only 8 games. The degree of difficulty here is that he mortgaged part of his team's future since he (Raider Al) gave up a 2nd round draft pick in the 2008 draft, and a 5th round pick in the next draft to Atlanta to get Hall. Just to be sure that he killed the ultimate amount of team morale, he immediately gave him a 7 year, $700 million contract.

And then cut him loose after 8 whole games.

The players are at a loss for words. How do you keep playing your heart out when your leadership is waving a huge, and obvious white flag of surrender? (Insert France joke here).

Who knows, maybe he thought he was getting Mike Vick. Cornerback sounds a lot like quarterback, if your hearing is bad. In the 70's he built superbowl champ teams by taking other teams' troubled rogue players. Their mascot is a glorified pirate.

Is there mutiny on the horizon?

Davis is like your grandfather that shows up at your house, and still produces a pair of magnets from his trouser pocket for you to play with because they are "magic science", and then asks you to pull his finger.

You love him because he's your grandpa. But you wouldn't take him to work with you to run your company.

The Raiders will never return to glory with this owner at the helm.

Story Source

Faber Loses Flyweight Belt By Knockout In 1st Round

posted by MMA Daddy

The California Kid, Urijah Faber (21-1-0) lost his flyweight (145 lbs) title belt this evening to Mike Brown (19-4-0).

The TKO occured 2:23 seconds into the first round when Faber tried to catch Brown with a side reverse elbow to the head. The elbow glanced off Brown's shoulder and Brown delivered a punch right on the button on Faber's chin. Faber fell to the canvas and tried to defend himself into recovery, but Brown was relentless with bunches of punches.

Faber, a longtime fan favorite due to his exciting and creative style of fighting, held the WEC flyweight belt since March 2006.

This WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) bout was carried free of charge on Versus. This is a great way for MMA (mixed martial arts) newbies to watch quality action and learn the sport without having to pay pay-per-view (PPV) charges.

Monday, November 03, 2008

The Big 12 - Still a lot of football left

posted by BiCoastal Bias

America was treated to a terrific football game last Saturday when Texas took on Texas Tech. The script was classic: two undefeated teams, one is a powerhouse year after year, the other is a newcomer. The game was in Texas Tech, and the team and the crowd were into it, while Texas looked flat. Tech took an early lead while they were flying high, Texas came back in the third quarter, Tech made a final drive to win it, fans rush the field one second to early, you get the point.

Whatever you do, don't go back and read my college football post from two weeks ago. I think I may have questioned Texas Tech's legitimacy - but I was really just trying to inspire them, I swear. Now Texas Tech is the proud owner of a number 2 BCS ranking, trailed by Texas at number 4 and Oklahoma at number 6.

Looking forward, I see all three of these teams winning out the rest of their schedule, with exception of the game two weeks from now in which Texas Tech goes to visit Oklahoma. With no disrespect toward Tech, I see Oklahoma winning that game, which leaves us with a three team tie at the top of the Big 12 South division. In this scenario, these three teams will have identical records in all possible Big 12 tiebreakers - so the decision as to who will represent at the Big 12 title game will actually come down to which of the teams has the best BCS ranking.

This was actually pretty smart of the Big 12, when you think about it, since this ensures that the Big 12 champion will have the best chance at going on to the national championship game. But still, it is kind of ironic, since the BCS is unpopular enough as a decision-maker for the national championship game, that the Big 12 would go ahead and let it decide its own tiebreaker.

You've got to figure, at the end of the season, even after Tech loses to Oklahoma, these three teams will have BCS ranks somewhere between 3 and 6. The tiebreak winner of the three will go on to play the winner of Kansas and Mizzou - both good teams who will put up a fight, but not good enough to win the conference. Unless both Alabama and Penn State stay undefeated (an easy task for Penn St but herculean for Bama), we should still see a Big 12 team in the championship game. Then again, the one loss Florida team could also crash this party. It will come down to a few percentage points in the BCS ranking system, and you can guarantee that somebody will be complaining at the end of it.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Beckham Leaves, U.S. Soccer Still Unnoticed

posted by MoneyMouth

Two years ago I was celebrating to you all the transfer of David Beckham to the L.A. Galaxy since it marked the first international stud to make their way over to the U.S. to play soccer in a decade or so. And if you remember correctly, I also predicted that this U.S. experiment would have little to no effect on the overall popularity of soccer in the United States as a whole. The sport would continue on, unnoticed, and Victoria (Posh Spice) would get bored of us Americans.

Guess who was right?

The L.A. Galaxy are handing David Beckham over to the AC Milan on loan on Jan. 7 as "he seeks to maintain his fitness during the Major League Soccer off-season," which just means Beckham is trying to find his way back to the European Pitch where he can play some competitive soccer again. According to, Beckham's endorsements fell 6.6 percent since he joined the Galaxy in 2007 which means that his move to the U.S. has not increased his marketability on U.S. soil significantly enough to offset his loss of the market share in Europe. And for any businessman, that's a problem. So, Beckham is going to return to Europe to try and salvage his name and his reputation in hopes that he can get back to making some serious cash and play in the World Cup in South Africa in 2010. As of right now, playing in a second-rate league like the MLS is not helping his case to make England's national squad.

As for U.S. Soccer? Well, it's still boring. And we just proved that not even David Beckham can solve that problem.