Friday, July 03, 2009

Sports Douche of the Week

posted by MoneyMouth

Arland Bruce III, whose nickname is "Mr. Mature," was fined this past week by the CFL for his excessive touchdown celebration which paid homage to the King of Pop.  I know that you're probably expecting a crotch-grab, or a moonwalk, or maybe even a thriller-zombie move.  I mean, that is what would make most sense.  Instead, Bruce passed up all those and went for the most idiotic tribute you can think of.

I guess someone forgot to tell him tributes are usually oriented to the life of the person and not their current state of death.  When asked after the game why he removed his pads, Bruce replied, "I was supposed to be in a casket.  They wouldn't fit." 

Arland Bruce III, if that is your real name, you are a douche.


Spencer said...

He's from Olathe North... what do you expect?

IntrinsicBent said...

Was the person who glossed him "Mr. Mature" runner up for this week's award?

You can tell from the disgusted response by the Coach and QB of his team, that they are Frappe dudes.


singnals3 said...

i agree with you

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