Monday, November 23, 2009

BiCoastal Bias' Bowl Season Preview

posted by BiCoastal Bias

This college football season hasn't been quite as intriguing as most - and the culprit is the lack of late season upsets. Sure, there's been a few, Ohio State's loss to Purdue and USC's annual letdown to Stanford come to mind. But there haven't been any earth shattering, BCS wrecking upsets. At least not yet.

The payback is that this sets up some FAN-tastic bowl games. I want you to consider this fact - we could have two bowl games featuring undefeated teams pitted against each other. It probably won't happen, but it's possible. Regardless, there will be some great match ups. Here are BiCoastal's predictions as to this season's match ups and results.

The Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Ohio State
I'm starting out easy. Ohio State has already punched their tickets to Pasadena. Oregon will play Oregon State in two weeks (a game I am really looking forward to), and the winner will go on to win the Rose Bowl - handily. The Pac-10 is legit this year, and the Big Ten has not won this game since 2000. Oregon has shown what they are made of this year - their two losses are to Boise State and Stanford, and keep in mind that they lost to Stanford the week after winning big against USC. Expect the Ducks to drub the Buckeyes, but if you know me at all you would expect me to say that.

The Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs. TCU
Georgia Tech has to get by Clemson in the ACC championship game. Slating TCU for this game is a bit of speculation on my part. If they win out, they are guaranteed a BCS berth. In a different year this TCU team would deserve to be the first non-BCS team to play in the national championship game. As it is, they'll have to settle for a trip to Florida and a chance to play a great Georgia Tech team. I'm picking TCU in by a field goal.

The Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. Pittsburgh
The Sugar Bowl will be the consolation game for the loser of the SEC championship game. As you can tell, I've got Florida losing to Alabama (another game to really look forward to in case you weren't already). Pittsburgh is a total shot in the dark. If Pitt beats Cincinnati in two weeks (yet another game to look forward to), they win the Big East and assure themselves some BCS game. If they lose, they could easily drop and it's difficult to say who takes their place. Pitt is as good as Florida, but expect Tebow to give an inspired performance, leaving us with something to remember him by. Florida by a touchdown.

The Fiesta Bowl: Cincinnati vs. Boise State
This is really wishful thinking now. The Fiesta bowl has a conference tie-in with the Big 12. However, with the Big 12 winner likely playing in the national championship game, there is no other conference team that deserves to be here. Oklahoma State could crash the party, but I hope not, because this is the only way we'll get a match up of two more undefeateds who don't have a shot at the national title. Cincy makes sense here because the Big East doesn't have a BCS bowl tie in, and Boise State makes sense because of the splash they made in the Fiesta Bowl three years ago. In the unlikely scenario that this match up actually happens, I like Cincinnati. Boise State is a tough team, but I'm just not sure they keep up with the Cincinnati offense for 4 quarters. Cincinnati by 10.

National Championship Game in Pasadena: Alabama vs. Texas
I already told you I think Alabama knocks off Florida. There will be some who argue that this game should feature a rematch of those two teams. Let's get one thing straight - I do NOT like Texas. I hate the powderpuff schedule they play every year, and I hate their entitled fans who thought the rules should be bent for them last year. But the national championship game should NEVER feature two teams from the same conference. I genuinely believe they should put this in writing, and I wish they would. Anyways, Texas belongs here, unless of course they fall to Nebraska, in which case it's back to the Fiesta Bowl, and we'll see Cincy or TCU in this game. Alabama by 10.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hester Moons Sunday Night NFL Fans

posted by IntrinsicBent

What can you say about tonight's Sunday night matchup between the haphazard Chicago Bears and the Jekyll and Hyde Philadelphia Eagles?

You could say that it was a matchup between the NFC and AFC.

You could say it was a back and forth contest where neither team seemed to want to win because play was so sloppy on both sides.

You could even say Jay Cutler never met a game he wouldn't find a way to lose.

I would say, thanks NBC for replaying a play toward the end of the game where Devin Hester is brought down with a "pull the other guy's pants down" tackle and showing the full moon in semi slow mo.


Scarred For Life

ps You sick puds can find the video yourself.